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  1. Since yesterday I've been wondering about the same thing. I was really sad that I was not fast enough in the sale and I missed all future opportunities on SBE tickets. Seeing the instagram livestream got me really excited for Reading and my expectations are now way too high and I'm bound to be disappointed. After Matt's comment about Showbiz coming back I am expecting this and will be more than disappointed if they won't play it. I hope he will keep his promise. I would also love Assassin, MM, Dead Star, Fury and/or B&H. Easily or Glorious would be awesome but I don't think that those are very likely. Hell, I guess I will freak out if any of last night's songs will be played at Reading. I am hoping for 2-3 songs from last night which I don't think is too much to ask and doable even though only a fraction of the crowd will be diehard fans. My guesses are Showbiz, Assassin, B&H and/or New Born. I will have a look at what they're gonna play at Belfast and Leeds. I think that this might be a good idea of what to expect. If they get some songs from last night, I think Reading should be safe as well. Or at least I hope so. I just hope that something will stick around from last night. There are no more excuses for them to go back to the standard setlists.
  2. I hope for Butterflies & Hurricanes, Fury or Assassin. If we get just one of them I will be quite happy. I think this could happen since they played B&H a couple of times after Montreux and added Assassin in Nimes because the fans requested it. I will just start shouting one of those and hopefully others will join so they will hear it and play it if they haven't already planned on doing so. Hopefully I'm not too optimistic
  3. I just found an answer to the question if bags will be allowed or not: http://www.paris.fr/actualites/foire-aux-questions-sur-la-fan-zone-3756 (second last question, it's in French) According to this, small handbags and small backpacks are allowed. Bigger bags have to be left at the left luggage, there will be one at each entrance. Suitcases are not allowed. Just in case anybody was still wondering
  4. I've been wondering about the same thing and talked to some people about it before the concert last night. I was also told that it took 3 days to construct the stage for T2L stadium tour (no idea if that is true and I don't remember anymore who told me). That made me wonder even more.. But they started to deconstruct it right after the band left the stage, so I guess, they will work through the night with a lot of people, all specialized for a certain part, so that they are quite routinized and can get it down relatively fast. I also had the idea that they might have 2 of them but I guess that this would be insane, one must be expensive enough
  5. I couldn't agree more. The concert last night was pretty amazing! I had a great spot at the barrier and was so happy with the setlist. CE, Map and TaB, wow! I was pretty exhausted afterwards because of all the jumping, but well, that's a sign that it was a pretty good show, isn't it? You are so lucky!! Dom actually throw one to me but I didn't manage to catch it and it fell in front of the barrier. The security guy then picked it up and gave it to someone else. :'( I tell myself that Dom didn't throw it far enough, so that I wasn't have able to catch it. Because when I think that it might have been because of me not being able to coordinate my arms properly, I could really kick my own ass.. But well, it was an awesome gig anyway and another night that I will remember for a long time. haha, really? I have to rewatch some videos of last night's defector, to see if he's looking on the ground at some point
  6. Doors open at 6. I'm not really sure when it is a good time to queue, also because this new stage. I want to make it to the barrier. I guess I will go there after my classes tomorrow, so I might be there around 1 pm I guess. Hopefully that's early enough. According to the website of the Arena backpacks are allowed but have to be left at the wardrobe. This bar you're talking about is pretty great in my opinion, you should definitely check it out!
  7. I'm still up for that! When do you plan to show up for queuing?
  8. Yes, there are two stations quite close by: Warschauer Strasse and Ostbahnhof. From there you can get basically everywhere the whole night. It takes about 10 minutes to get to Ostbahnhof by walking, a bit less to Warschauer Str. You can have a look at the connections on this website: http://www.bvg.de/en I am really looking forward to this!
  9. Ich bin dabei! Ich bin auch schon wahnsinnig gespannt auf die Setlist. Wäre eine schöne Erinnerung, wenn es gefilmt werden würde. Mal schauen, was uns erwarten wird Dieses Mal bin ich leider allein am Start bei dem Konzert, hätte jemand Lust, sich vorher zu treffen? Ich würde eher schon etwas früher anstehen, um auch einen guten Platz zu bekommen. Über etwas Gesellschaft würde ich mich freuen
  10. I read that, too. But does anybody know if this considers ALL bags? Like even small ones to just put in your phone and wallet? (size around 18x13x2 cm)
  11. I really like last night's setlist, it would be awesome if Berlin got something similar But as mentioned it could also be completely different. So I guess we can't really tell. I would love Map, Bliss, CE and SS. (a lot of wishes, I know )
  12. I'm sure it's gonna be a nice experience anyway. But I can also understand you pretty well that you would like to share this experience with your sister. A friend just told me about this. I guess he means this concert since they are not in the line up for this years Lollapalooza as far as I know. They were there last year. So fingers crossed that they are actually gonna film this!! That would be awesome Btw, is anyone going to this concert who would like to meet up? I will be on my own and plan to queue rather early to get a good spot in front of the stage. Some company would be lovely and I also like meeting other musers and make friends with them
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