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Sunburn (Single) Artwork Discussion


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So in the spirit of doing anything but study for final exams, I revisited the cover art of Sunburn's single, and I noticed a rather evidently shapped phallic object on the woman's chest that I had never really paid close attention to before.




Do you see the same? Yes, no? If so, then what might the significance be behind the sexual imagery on the standard artwork as well as the alternative artwork (a collage of female faces during a certain ecstatic moment)? If not, discuss all things Sunburn related here.

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Looks like she's pulling a curtain or something to me.


The placement is strange but on some other variations (not the vinyl) I always thought she was holding the 'X' until I realized it wasn't a cross. Nonetheless I've always really liked this artwork since there was something deeply unsettling about it to me but I don't know what. I think maybe the lyrical content of the song + seeing her face seem kind of maniacal made the cover always seem eerie to me.


On another note, I posted this on the subreddit and some children are cracking gay jokes. I'm continually finding the distinction between forum members and Reddit members begin to grow clearer and clearer.

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