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  1. As i'm looking to overhaul my current gear setup, i might be selling my Red Carbonita in the near future, it's the one in the picture above with Nelly the cat. As I'm not aware of the value of a second hand 2014 Manson guitar with these specs and in mint condition, i'd like to get your advice regarding price setting, possible interest and what I can expect if I offer it back to Manson's. Please discuss or send PM. Thanks!
  2. De pech gehad zaterdag geweest te zijn. Hele goeie show, maar barslechte setlist, zeker in vergelijking met de andere shows die al geweest zijn. Ik bleef serieus op mijn honger zitten.
  3. Hello, I purchased vip tickets for the show on the sixth, but i probably can't go, so i'm selling mine. Vip tickets are standing and include an early entrance to the venue. Pls contact me by pm for further info.
  4. No tickets, everything sold out... So far the member presale advantage...
  5. backplates should be put on and the final tests should be conducted in the course of next week Alder I asked for a standard ma shape, nothing out of the ordinary there
  6. Soooo, my custom one should reach the stage of completion, yet I don't know anything about it... 13 months have passed since the deposit and i have received exactly 1 update of a couple of words. The other times i had to beg for it myself. Kinda sad that i haven't received one picture of it and the next mail will probably be to tell me to pay the final sum. I've said it before and say it again: Manson's: Poor customer service!
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