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Chris on BBC5 Sports Extra


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It should be available as a podcast tonight.


Tea is usually taken at 3:40 but it was a little later today, maybe 3:45.


Yes we have tea during cricket matches!


:LOL: I live in the UK but I'm not a cricket fan. A friend told me about the broadcast. Lovely to hear Chris for a change.

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I heard him talking on Radio 1 news yesterday about how he was a good bowler aged 13.


On a side note I have only been to 1 cricket match ever. It's a loooong day! I saw a good bowl and catch by Freddie Flintoff but didn't see him batting as we had to leave before that :(

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Yes he was on TMS during the Adelaide test during (I think) the last Ashes tour. He complained that their tour schedule only allowed him to see one match! The previous tour, Muse, U2 and the England v Australia match all took place in Perth the same weekend - would have been an amazing time to visit.

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