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Ideal Live At Rome Olympic Stadium Track-List


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I know a lot of us are looking towards the near future and speculating about album seven, but I'm just curious as to what you would have chosen to be the track-listing of Muse's latest DVD release, Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium. Including extras.

Mine would go like this


Main Set:

1. Intro

2. Supremacy

3. Panic Station

4. Plug In Baby

5. Map Of The Problematique

6. Resistance

7. Animals

8. Knights Of Cydonia

9. Hysteria

10. Follow Me

11. Liquid State

12. Madness

13. Time Is Running Out

14. Stockholm Syndrome

Encore 1:

15. Guiding Light

16. Undisclosed Desires

Encore 2:

17. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

18. Survival

Encore 3:

19. The 2nd Law: Isolated System

20. Uprising

21. Starlight



1. Dead Star (Live At Emirates Stadium)

2. Ruled By Secrecy (Live At Glasgow SECC)

3. Falling Down (Live At Manchester Arena)

4. Supermassive Black Hole (Live At Manchester Arena)

5. New Born (Live At O2 Arena)


Easter Eggs:

1. Futurism (Live At Tokyo Zepp)

2. Yes Please (Live At Tokyo Zepp)


Or what's better - a deluxe edition with the whole Zepp gig!


I know having Supermassive as an extra is controversial, but at that concert (obviously I'm biased because I was there) the atmosphere and passion they put into the song, Matt with all his knee slides etc. was enough to win it over the Rome version for me. Feel free to share your opinions and your own would-have-been track list.

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The full concert

Quicker editing

Less far shots

The full concert

Less greyscale

Less Italians kissing

Less Italian meme shirts

That awful transition before and after the coffin scene, just no

No overdubbing

Actually, limit all DAW functions except faders and EQ

The full concert


I'd actually accept a good standalone disc even if there were no bonus rare songs. I've enjoyed festival broadcasts the most from the tour because of how simple and seamless they were.

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If there's one thing i have always thought and a lot of people here seem to think as well is that muse are clueless where track listing, live releases and singles are concerned. It's amazing how wrong they manage to get every release :(

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The cinematography is my favourite in any Muse live release, the selection of songs, no. This has been discused before. Muse wanted a mainstream release full of singles and now they have it, considering that, they did a fine job with Rome.


Maybe they tried to repeat the San Siro gig, but that was magical and unexpected, and Rome seems more artificial...

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I bet you'd argue something like "Madness wasn't a good choice for a single"


Nope madness made perfect sense it's well polished and a song that most people will like upon hearing it first time. It's more the ordering of singles than the actual releases them selves.

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