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  1. I was there 5 new songs, three that were previously known and two new There wasn't a Gretsch in sight anymore it's all fender now, Mike's definitely running with more distortion now (yes really) and the other two new songs were really effect heavy with lots of Wah on one of them All in all it was a brilliant gig and if the other half of the album is as good we have nothing to worry about and a lot to look forward too!!!
  2. Why would you say something like that? Talk about tempting fate No I haven't the neck is pretty substantial on this particular les paul so I'm not too worried really
  3. Oh yeah Great actually, I find the initial tuning is a bit of a ritual but once it's there I can go weeks without re-tuning provided the fine adjustment screws are as high as possible when the all important locking nut goes down But yeah, it's great and I'm not exactly gentle on it!
  4. You have a good memory I think it's over a year since I posted on k&t! Yes I did, I'll have to fish out a picture at some point I would ask you how many more guitars you've added toyour amarda since I last posted, but suspect the list would be too long
  5. No worries I'm generally a positive person with a slight hint of realism Have fun in Madrid Both very sensible comments and I couldn't agree more, I judged last night by what I saw in front of me and it was brilliant
  6. I think a lot of us have become fussy and constant viewings of the pyscho tour/zepp/anything pre 2004 on YouTube has skewed our perception of what is a good show It was my third time seeing them and I was seated rather than standing, I've seen Emirates second night and Pyscho Tour Brighton before so I've had two great shows. Last night was in my opinion also a great show, it had enough heavier songs to make it exciting for me (didn't care about the loss of TaB though as I don't really like it that much, please don't crucify me!) while also including all the key tracks that first timers look forward too. Something that really did surprise me was for how many people this was their first Muse concert. I do think SS should have been swapped with hysteria just to help with placing a little bit, but overall I thought it was a well balanced gig and was one heavier track (not Tab!) away from being perfect Band were seriously on it and looked to be really enjoying themselves, Matt was at his best and with all the discussion of his dodgy vocals this tour I can honestly say their was only the odd hint on the falsetto of the handler but other than that he was awesome Feel free to disagree this comment as I'm sure most of you will, just my opinion
  7. Go for assassin as it's more likely to be played and it kicks ass I'd only go for one song so not to seem greedy and throw the sign at them so that can't ignore it... If it works you'll go down in history (not really but your make me happy )
  8. Doors Open: 6:00 Phantogram: 7:20-8:00 Muse: 8:30-10:30 Muse will most likely be late though
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