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Perfected Muse albums


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Ok, so I've had this idea for a while, and I'm sure others have as well.


I made a playlist of what I think is Black Holes and Revelations perfected. My rules for making the playlist were simple I could use any versions of the songs as long as they were related to the album. This includes B-sides, live versions, sessions, edits. Here is my playlist.


Take a Bow


Supermassive Black Hole


Map of the Probelmatique (HAARP)


Invincible (HAARP)

Assassin Grand Omega Boss edit

Crying Shame

City of Delusion


Knights of Cydonia.


For some of those I wanted to use the live versions, but the audience was simply too loud too often, or I couldn't find the version on spotify (HAARP Hoodoo is the best).


So anyone else attempted this? If so I want to compile the lists and try them out.

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