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SiriusXM Ping Pong Show


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SiriusXM's First-Ever Alt Nation Ping Pong Throwdown Featuring Muse


Grammy winning alt rock band Muse will be the first ever participants in Alt Nation’s "Ping Pong Throwdown" against Alt Nation listeners! Hear live ping pong action from the SiriusXM studios as one of the biggest bands in the world take on a handful of Alt Nation listeners. Muse will also pick the play list for the event and chat with Alt Nation hosts as we catch up on touring, the latest album 2nd Law and much much more!


Airtime: Tuesday, April 16, 2 pm ET

Rebroadcasts: Tues, 10 pm ET; Weds, 11 am ET; Thurs, 6 pm ET; Fri, 8 am ET

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