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Should MUSE come to Madrid and perform in support of this uprising against control??  

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  1. 1. Should MUSE come to Madrid and perform in support of this uprising against control??

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Hi All,


I have searched to see if there was a thread regarding the uprising taking place in Spain, and could not find one, so here we go.


The Spanish online movement Democracia Real Ya [DRY] (Real Democracy Now) demands the human right to live with dignity and the end of political and economic corporatism. We convened a national protest for May 15th in many cities in Spain, and since then those who can have pacifically camped and are sleeping in front of their city boroughs and monuments in their cities as a peaceful way of protesting against governmental and economical abuse. Many other citizens who are unable to leave their responsibilities, but whom still support and identify themselves with this cause, and feel at heart with the people who has peacefully taken the streets, provides support to those camping outside by providing food, water and more (some autonomous workers and private companies have even provided toilets, electricity, internet... It´s a true brotherhood out there.


You can follow the demonstrations on Twitter under the account @democraciareal.


We insist there are people of all ages involved, and not only youngsters. Look for the images in the internet and see for yourself...


We invite all MUSE funs to join us and demonstrate how strongly you feel about the need to end with corruption and abuse in our gobernments, not only for Spain, but for the whole world. And the way you can do this is by simply showing up at one of the camps people around the world have created out of their free will.


Here is a map of the world showing where you can attend:



And here you can read our Manifesto:



Youtube Channel:



And if you wish to start with your friends in your own city, you are most welcome.


The websites seem to be unstable ever since the movement jumped in the media (boycotted? who knows), so please, have patience.



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These meetings are a citicen initiative and there are no political parties involved (we call it un-party-related) and originated in the Internet and social networks, through a completely informal discussion group called “Plataforma de coordinación de grupos pro-movilización ciudadana” (that is "Platform of coordination of groups pro-citicen´s initiatives"), which only end is to foster open talks between all those who wish to involve in the preparation and coordination of activities in common.


The participants here are people of every condition, age, religion, and race, in our capacity as dissatissfied citicens with the actual politic and economical system. Some of us act personally and others belong to citizen platforms, forums, blogs or pages and groups in social networks. You can see who some of these groups are in this section (http://www.democraciarealya.es/?page_id=2)


We must emphazise that this Platform will not organize, will not foment, nor will we tolerate any kind of violent, vandalic, racist, homophobic, or xenophobic acts by people, groups or associations adhered. THIS IS A PEACEFUL MOVEMENT.


We consider that the use of violence and vandalism will only generate unease and comfrontations and that it doesn´t help, in any case whatsoever, to the objecjtives of this initiative. We are adamant that the way to conquer our objectives are through pacific acts, and, if anything, civil desobedience. Therefore, this Platform clearly expresses rejection towards the aforementioned acts.


Should you have any doubts or wish to submit a query, you can contact us via our email: contacto@democraciarealya.es

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The day has come,

We have taken the streets for a true democracy now

The day ,when the citizens have decided to meet and join their voices

The day ,when we have covered the streets with a clear message


And the message took the streets across the whole country

And the streets celebrated that day as the first day that we have taken a true change.


A change depends on YOU,on ME, on ALL OF US:young people,elder people,workers,unmployed people.


The Media won’t silence our voices any more because we have seen we are REAL people, just as the DEMOCRACY we are demanding.


There is no excuse

HISTORY is looking at us and it is our turn to make a movement


We are ready to CHANGE:

Change Injustice into justice

Change Corruption into responsability and dignity

Change Outrage into action


Today, May the 15th, 2011 has been of something unstoppable

The true Democracy of people who consciously choose their path

True democracy who chose consciusly the way

We are demanding a true democracy ,now

Are you thinking that you can´t do anything?

To accept your responsability is to take the challenge

Be a part of the necessary change for a world which will be as you want it to be

Democracy is your choice. Use it.

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Is it me, or have you taken too much MSG in your food lately? (Be careful with those drugs that keep us all dumbed down, please)


Don´t you see this as an opportunity to unify and watch our flag ascend?!!!


Come on!!! We have to share this! HAVE YOUR SAY HERE IN HONOUR TO OUR MUSE!!!....................


In Spain it all started since they allowed CORRUPTED politicians with open court cases to go to the elections...and I am sad and disgusted to say that some of them even won the elections in their respective provinces and others are now Mayors....READY TO COMMIT MORE FRAUD!!!


There are families who are losing their homes since there are 5M unemployed and they can´t pay their abusive mortgages, but then, believe it or not, after the bank has kicked them out their homes THEY STILL HAVE TO CONTINUE TO PAY THE DEBT!!!!


The only reason why they continue there is because people is IN FEAR, so they continue to change their vote, taking it from one corrupted political party to give it to another one, lest the first one continue to run the country... AND there is plenty more reasons why people are taking the streets...We all have something to say.


This is no joke. Are you listening? WAKE UP!!!!


There must be something you can start with in the place where you live. So have your say here. YES, YOU. YOUR NUMBER HAS BEEN CALLED.


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It is the song chosen by the Spanish people for strength and echoed in the press the revolution movement 15-M. As the song says:


"They Will not force us

They Will Stop Degrading us

They Will not control us

We will be victorious "


Thank you for this song full of strength, thanks to her many people have opened the eyes.:)

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