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Undercover FM: Dom Howard Interview (Video)


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"2010 was an incredible year for Muse with the band starting the year by kicking off a headlining position on the Big Day Out and ending the year playing Arena shows.


“We’ve done some pretty big things this year which is amazing,” drummer Dominic Howard tells Tim Cashmere at undercover.fm. “We have done some big stadium gigs across the summer. It was just mind-blowing to see that many people and a real step-up for us as well. Lots of big shows everywhere. It has been awesome”.


Muse also spend a lot of their time developing their songs in the studio. “A lot of our songs start in one place and sound completely different by the time we finish them,” Dominic says. “Sometimes we have a good idea, you have a sketch in your mind or maybe we talk about together how we think it should sound. We do a lot of experimenting in the studio. We like to play with different ideas, completely rearrange it or start again, change all of the instrumentation”.


He says Muse is an experimental studio band. “There is a lot of experimentation that goes on in the studio and it can radically change a song completely from where it started,” he says. “When we started recording some of the songs for ‘Resistance’ we were doing them very live, just like live takes which were pretty good but then we completely changed it by the end. We stripped it all down, looked at all the parts individually and then built it back up. It depends really for every song. We enjoy the whole studio process”.

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