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Tour Merch Bundles // Now available in the muse.mu shop!


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ec7e1a99-4da8-4120-a189-e0ef266d8e99.jpgThe European leg of Muse's current tour may be over, but there's still a chance to get your hands on a souvenir, and now at a discounted price!


Over in the muse.mu shop we've just launched a range of Euro Tour Merch Bundles. Get your hands on a tour dates T-Shirt, the 2010 programme and a stadium date poster for £25 or a tour dates Hoody, the 2010 programme and a stadium date poster for just £40!


Click on the products below to add to basket or visit the shop to see the full range...


*Please note that the poster will be picked at random from the 9 stadium designs that were available this summer.






Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/717/tour-merch-bundles--now-available-in-the-musemu-shop/

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"Bundles"?! Sounds like they're flogging off stuff out the back of a van, or a dodgy market stall:


Roll up, roll up, getcha genoowine Muse merch heeyar...I'm not just gonna sell you a triffic tee of ossumness, no, I'm gonna fro in a hyuuuge poster for yer luvverly wall. Aaaand woss moar, if that wasn't enuff of a massif barr-gin, you can 'ave a speshul prograaam. You can hook it up to the interwebz fer extra feeechurs, innit?!


Come 'n' get yer Muse merch naow, before it's gone fer good. All top qualitee approved product, we're not sellin' no shit, no, not like that dodgy outfit down the road!


Go on, sir, madam, you know you want to.




Of course, I'm just exasperated coz I've bought the special offer stuff already:rolleyes:

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Why would someone want a poster from a different gig? :erm:


Yeah, was going to buy it, then I saw that. :( I don't want a poster of Wembley or whatever if I went to Nijmegen. So sorry, I'll use those 37 euros on something else.

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Yeah, thanks for doing this AFTER I've bought everything! :mad: lol


And yeah, why the 'poster at random' thing? I wouldn't want one from a gig I've not been to! I think they've got too many from a few and not enough from others, so they're sneakily trying to get rid of 'em, lol.

yeah, that's what I was thinking ;) Like they wanted to make uniform bundles but they don't have posters left from all the gigs so it wouldn't work... but even if that's the case, they should still let you choose one. Even if you found the poster to be useless, the program + tshirt/hoodie is worth the purchase price (you could always put the poster up on ebay :p)

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