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  1. One of the interviewees should have turned the questions on Noisey. "and what artist's music are YOU passionate about and why?" I'm betting this person is an all-rounder - no bad thing but she clearly can't understand how fans can listen to their favourite artist's music almost religiously and delight in seeing them live whenever they get the opportunity. This has happened to me only three times, so far, in my life (I'm in my early 40s). First with Depeche Mode, then Red Hot Chillies (John Frusciante why did you have to leave?) and now with Muse - with thanks to my kids for introducing me. The Noiseys of this world may never experience it.
  2. Enjoyed this so much. First time I have been to a gig on my own. The sound quality was far superior to Manchester Arena - I could hear every note. So glad I got to hear PiB and SS as well as TaB again. CE would have been epic but not worried as the guys can't possibly put everybody's favourites in one gig - unless they wanted to do a festival with just them in it! Actually that's a good idea lol. I was in upper seated and checked with the guys behind me if they'd mind if I stood up. They said that was fine - a lovely group of people from Paris. So stand I did, and was so glad the guys behind and the two guys next to me stood and sang as well. It made such a huge difference to my enjoyment of the show, although we did hear a few squeaky 'can you seat down please' s I tried to block them out. I will never worry about going to a Muse gig on my own again. Plus the O2 have taken a pic of the whole audience to show on their FB site at 8 pm tonight - can't wait.
  3. I am going to same show - first time at a concert on my own (gulp). I'm also in higher tiers and they are high. But I find it ok to stand and it doesn't seem as bad if the rows in front stand also. I went to Manchester gig last Friday and I was the only one standing in my whole block! Because of this I couldn't 'lose' myself in the music as much as I'd wished and was conscious of the 'seated masses' behind me. I have vowed to stand and dance on Friday, regardless and I hope you guys do too.
  4. Loved this so much. I was in seated and more than a bit disappointed when no one stood up in my entire block! The blocks either side were up and moving. I was the only one standing for three songs (my teenage daughter sooo embarrassed). Even for Knights audience reluctant to get up - but managed it thankfully. Loved the setlist and the show!
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