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  1. jnimhaoileoin

    Ticket prices

    I don't know about standing but the seated tickets have certainly gotten more expensive. They were £100 for the Drones tour and now they're £140. The difference in prices between venues is even worse though - €100 for Copenhagen and €159 for Birmingham??? That's just not right
  2. This one doesn't work for you? - http://listings.ticketmaster.co.uk/muse-uk
  3. It's horrific. It's the most I've ever paid for a gig and for Muse to be more expensive than Metallica is quite frankly ridiculous. Also, I expected Copenhagen to be more expensive but actually it worked out nearly €60 cheaper at €100. How on earth do we explain that? They know the demand will be greater in the UK so they rip the fans off accordingly?
  4. Try this one - B4403D13DB
  5. My bank account is still weeping as we speak...
  6. jnimhaoileoin

    Ticket prices

    Painfully expensive is the answer, £140 for lower level seating
  7. It does seem very odd, if you don't know anyone in London I'm sure someone here could help out
  8. If you're going to Birmingham you can get them sent to me and I'll meet you there if you want (I realise that involves a significant level of trust :P)
  9. Jaysus I'm in Block 12, now I'm worried I'll be even worse off!
  10. If you paid that price you should at least have a good view no? Well I'm assuming the block closest to the stage is going to have a good view anyway
  11. £140 for 1 seated ticket, tis fairly shocking
  12. £140 for a seat in Birmingham, that is the most I have ever paid for a concert ticket. I thought €120 for Metallica in Copenhagen was extortionate, I really expected better from Muse
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