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  1. Hi Sabine! Ich bin kein grosser Fan von Festivals, ich war noch nie auf einem..das Campen is so gar nicht meins. In Wien gab es vor ein paar Jahren ein Festival, Rock in Vienna, da konnte man Tagestickets kaufen und eben dann nach den Konzerten in einem Hotel übernachten, oder heimfahren. Es war in Wien, alsonicht im Nirgendwo ohne Öffis! U-Bahnstation quasi vor dem Gelände, oder Strassenbahn... das wär es geswesen, Muse spielten dort, aber ich kannte erst sehr kurz eine jetzige gute Freundin, die auch Muser ist, und allein wollt ich nicht hingehen 😫 ärgere mich immer noch drüber...

    Verbieten kann mir sowas niemand. Gibt es nicht eine !öglichkeit, ein Tagesticket ohne Camping zu buchen? Ist das Festival recht weit ausserhalb? Könntest du mit Freunden hingehen? Nur mal so ein paar Anregungen für dich, doch honzukommen 🙂

  2. Positive: I love the strings and that you can hear the organ much better! It is cleaner. There‘s a bass which fits perfectly!

    Negative: the loud drums. Matt‘s gasping for air and you can hear his mumbling of the lyrics better. 

    For me it‘s a different song now, with a different feeling to it. Reminds me of the RAH performance 😊

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  3. 10 hours ago, Jobby said:


    Edit: also side note, my local record store is gonna have copies of the Matt album eyyyy

    I asked mine about it today ( I picked up my ordered Absolution vinyl 😍 which sounds a lot better than my CD! Some parts are still cringe tough ...) , whilst looking it up he said „It‘s a live album, right?“ errm, no I replied ... he was talking about The Jaded Hearts Club 😅 „This should be really good!“ I replied yes, it is 😁 

    but, he‘s not sure if he‘ll get Matts album 😕 if so, he‘d sell it for about 39 Euro, he said. 

  4. What‘s happening here right now 🤔 

    Ah! A glimpse of the board I got to know some years ago, when it was still alive, with fights !I don‘t want them back, no thanks!
     Everybody’s got their own opinions ... 

  5. ok. Finally got round to listening to it, in no rush. It‘s more heavy which is good, I always wondered why it is more rocking live! The mix sounds like they recorded it now, with Matts younger vocals 😅 

    But I often frowned, when suddenly there were more drums, or guitars going up the scale until it squeaked 🤨 and I say a straight NO to the ending with the strings! I would‘ve kept the dreamy phasing siren plus the strings, how would this sound like?! I still got goosebumps but it just didn‘t sound right, the dreamy atmosphere was missing.

    All in all I‘m happy that the original version isn‘t gone, I wouldn‘t trade it for anything! It‘s my fave Muse-song for a  reason! I‘m not angry they did this mix, but as some already said here, Matt sounded like he disrespected their younger selves and their, or the record company‘s,  decision back then.. or this is his good marketing stragedy 😜


    All in all, nice to have but not really necessary for me.. let‘s see how the other songs turn out! 

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  6. Yeah, ages ago I would have asked the representative of Warner Music if he knows the release date, and if I could get a promo CD plus tickets for the next gig here 😃  I was working in an electronic store, in the music (CD, vinyl, DVDs Blu-ray)  department 🤣


    but now ... 😕

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  7. Do you know what would‘ve been a much better release? Oos live, in full, at Reading 2011 - on Vinyl. For Record  Store Day or not, I don‘t care. Yes, the one from the boxset. Why not do the fans a favour? There are many who couldn‘t afford the boxset..

    Who‘s drunk idea was it to mix a masterpiece?? Or did Warner say „Let‘s make it modern!“ 😳😕 

    edit: for me a remix is changing a song, like they did remixes of songs on b-sides! Change them to reggae, or techno or whatever, done by DJs... I get it that this remixing means something else, ok! 

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