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  1. Isn't it about time we had an MB run announcement? What is the freakin' hold up!?
  2. There we go! I saw that picture of yours on Instagram, nice to have a bigger picture of it though i could barely see it on my tiny phone screen... Looks fantastic, swirls really make it pop There's only 3 gone to users on here? Thought there'd be more, anybody getting a standard DL1 from this run?
  3. Is it me or are we missing out on a lot of SDL-1 picture spam? What gives!?
  4. All seems to be fine with the two rock, plugged it into the speaker on my Princeton and there were no issues with it. The reason i left it on when getting it is because when it arrived it had condensation on it from inside the box for some reason and i was told that i should turn it on to check it was working and leave it for a little while. This is my first head/cab arrangement though and i didn't know the problems involved with not having the head plugged into a cab. Looks like i had a lucky escape this time though, won't be doing that again
  5. I might visit a music shop later in the week and test through a cab. I still have my combo amp so would it work to plug the speaker lead from that into the output of the head or would that be dangerous to both amps too?
  6. I had it fully switched on for about 25-30 minutes but didn't play anything through it, nothing plugged in to it. Just sent an email across to Two Rock now
  7. So i bought a Two Rock Studio Pro 50 head last week but don't have a cab to play it through yet. I turned on the amp without the cab just to make sure it had survived transit and would switch on etc. but i've just read now that turning on a head without a cab can seriously damage the head, should i be worried that i've broken it and if so how will i know if it's broken before my cab arrives? The amp has a solid state rectifier i think if that makes any difference? If there's any amp tech wizards here i need you now, worried sick about this... spent a bomb on this amp! Cheers
  8. After thinking about going for an MB-1 for ages the spec i would go for if they released them again would be matte black without the screen but with custom hardware. However, this is pretty much just a standard MOC shape but with a different bridge, does anybody think its likely they will do a Matte Black DR-1 in the future as that is a better price and the black would look better than the green imo, just thinking the £3500 for an mb1 without midi screen is a bit of a waste, completely stuck with what to do here, i pretty much just want a cort mbc1 but made by Mansons!
  9. We need to look after each other on this forum otherwise all the MB-1's go to imperial vintage to sell at silly prices...
  10. Thanks for the info bud, i've seen a few of your posts around and it seems we've both been waiting a long while for these to come along! I've had my name on the list for years now and finally got an email on the last run which i think was 2014 (?) when they first fit the single coil sustainer, i didn't have enough for a deposit at the time so was upset to miss out but i was worried that i wouldn't get an email again as they would remove my name from the list. Does that happen or will i still be in line for the next one do you know? Since we're in the same boat i'd really appreciate any info you find out when you get it please! Here's to us both securing one on the next run
  11. This is probably something for the MB1 thread but does anybody have any information at all when these will be released next. I emailed the works today but no reply yet. I've had my name on the waiting list for about 6 years now and finally am in the position to put a deposit down so i'm hoping its soon!
  12. I just saw the pictures of the matte black bombers that Mansons sent out to MB last week, is this some sort of clue as to the next sig model? Haven't had a bomber one yet and this seems to be the easiest to replicate consistently unlike the mirror ones and copper ones. Speaking of, when is the next signature announcement due? Seems like the SDL's have been being built for about 2 years!
  13. Hey thanks for the reply, i haven't done too much research into those but i'll have a look and get back to you, i'm assuming you can save presets on that too? Cheers
  14. Hi guys I've been looking at getting a pedal switcher to make it easier to change between pedals on my pedalboard but need one that can change midi presets on my Strymon pedals as i have a Timeline, Bigsky and Mobius on my board. I've found a One Control Crocodile Tail which seems to do the job but before i buy one does anybody have experience with them? Can i change midi presets with this and is it also possible to switch my Strymon pedals on and off with it as i don't always want certain pedals on in my saved presets such as the modulation on the Mobius which i don't always want switched on with the delay or reverb. This is a completely new thing for me but i keep finding that i need something easier to switch between pedals.... If anybody can help that would be great!
  15. Off topic again but i've just found a Dickinson amp for sale: http://www.newkingsroadguitars.co.uk/guitarshop/Dickinson_45_Head.html Not the same model as Matt's old one though, what ever happened to that?
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