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    Attending adelaide 04/12/13
  1. Dead Inside: Alright at the start, love it at the end, 8/10 Psycho: Loved it at first, now it's average 7/10 Mercy: Alright song, really like the choruses 7/10 Reapers: Best song on the album, and best song since Knights 10/10 The Handler: Love it, The ending is one of the best parts i've ever seen in a muse song 9/10 Defector: I don't know why but i love this so much, catchy and i can't stop listening 10/10 Revolt: Still not really sure, its good but different 6/10 Aftermath: I quite like it, one of the best ballads muse have done since blackout 8/10 The Globalist: Love it especially the first half of the song even though the rest is great 9/10 Drones: Very different but i like it 7/10 Overall Score: 8/10
  2. I don't know if it's just me but is anyone else feeling this song is similar to Escape? Not that that's a bad thing as i love Escape.
  3. i found how to get access to the radio station if you're from a different country.. you install the plugin hola and then select the uk option on the absolute radio site.
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