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  1. Basically it's sucks that they don't accept paypal. Since my mom only can order with paypal, and then they don't accept paypal on the muse shops. Sigh. :'(
  2. Okay, thanks everyone for all the tips! Gonna check out those songs. I still don't know how to use this messageboard, haha
  3. So, i'm new here and i didn't know what topic i was going to choose so i took this! Please no hate So, i've been playing guitar about a year and few months, or so. Started practising seriously like 11 months ago, i can play easy song's like Smells like teen spirit and Holiday (by green day) i also know how to play plug in baby, but i'm still practicing! It's going great, can play at the right speed and stuff Well, any other easy muse songs? Is it true that hysteria solo is easy? People say it sound's hard, but it's easy. And i have the worst amp and guitar. And my mom told me if i play any hard song on guitar she'll buy me a new guitar and amp, so any easy song that sounds hard?
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