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  1. It's very cinematic, but much too futuristic sounding for GoT in my opinion. My early guess is that it might be for The Twilight Zone reboot, which is premiering on CBS on April 1st Trailer music doesn't sound a million miles away from Muse's song either ...
  2. I put in the first vote for Pressure ! It's strange. I certainly don't hate the song as a standalone and know I'll enjoy it live, but it does the Psycho thing of repeating for a minute and a half longer than it needs to, and I sometimes find that worse than a song that has elements I'm not keen on that disappears more quickly (or seems to). It's to the point that I think Pressure disrupts the flow of the album for me where comically (compared to what I expected going in), even tracks like Dig Down don't. I reserve the right to take this back after future listens, of course
  3. Also not in order: 1 The Handler 2 MK Ultra 3 Unnatural Selection (live) 4 Animals (live) 5 Survival (possibly, somehow?!!!) (honourable mentions: USoE, Isolated System, Algorithm, The Dark Side, Break It To Me, The Void [Acoustic]) 1 Aftermath 2 Revolt 3 Save Me 4 Liquid State 5 Psycho - as much as I’d get into the spirit of it live ... (dishonourable mentions: The Globalist [would’ve been on instead of Psycho, but I don’t mind some of the sections separately], Mercy, Explorers) Doesn’t look quite right to me somehow, but I’ll commit to it for now. Despite no ST tracks breaking the top 5, I prefer it as a whole album over T2L and Drones and found it more fun than The Resistance
  4. Comparing to post-BHAR releases only - I’m expecting to prefer the new album to Drones, but there’s no guarantee past that point. It’d probably only take another good song and no major fall off in quality to beat out the couple of highlights from The 2nd Law for me, but am prepared for it to fall short of The Resistance. Will be very interesting to see what the non-single material turns out like!
  5. The clip sounds great to me - reminds me of moody, History-era Michael Jackson (more than anything Timbaland achieved on Xscape, weirdly), but with a crazy hook at the end. The reaction should be interesting if it's released as the next single or gets a video - I expect some people are going to detest it ! I'm curious to hear how it fits on the album. The other tracks seem to complement each other well production-wise, but this one sounds like it could stand out quite a lot (especially after Pressure on the tracklist). Perhaps some of the hook's weirdness might need to return in a later track on the CD to balance things out a bit ?
  6. Easily better than everything except The Handler on Drones for me (that's a fairly low bar, admittedly) - but possibly also the best genuine attempt at trying to *evolve* their sound since Black Holes. Algorithm into this and Pressure sounds like a pretty interesting start to an album to me! Will be curious to see the track length of The Void. Only bought the standard editions of albums in the past but have taken a punt on the super deluxe package this time because of the extra remixes providing more value for money - fingers crossed
  7. Dig Down into The Void could be a great choice. I always felt the best way to use that song would be as a penultimate track or near enough. It might work better as the last rally before the climax ...
  8. I remember hearing clips of every track on The Resistance ahead of release on a UK radio broadcast, and at that point I was even more excited about Exogenesis than before. Part 1, in particular, sounded like a great way to open up a long, sprawling track. But again, there was a bit of a personal expectation vs reality thing that undermined my enjoyment of the finished piece. I came away from the "symphony" feeling like I'd listened to three relatively tasteful fragments with potential - each a bit less developed/complete-sounding than the last. Taken as little vignettes, they were nice, but I'd completely given myself the wrong idea about what to expect based on the way Matt was hyping everything up!! In fact, I remember him saying that even the most "normal" song on the album (Uprising) would be taking its cues from the strangest on the last (presumably referring to the multitracked harmonies on KoC). I know not to take these sorts of throwaway comment too seriously anymore - and that Matt is a little out of touch when it comes to what is or isn't "crazy", experimental, a sequel to this or that track or whatever else. But I fell for it hook, line and sinker that time. And it's always the *potential* that's the killer !
  9. I think the new songs are okay so far (crowd whoops aside), and it would probably only take the rest to maintain the same quality/not involve a stunt guest producer or second vocalist for me to enjoy the album more than T2L and Drones. That probably says more about how low I consider the hurdle to be more than anything, but there you go I'm conscious that I don't want to overplay the importance of Rich Costey being back on board as a co-producer just yet (the pros/cons have been discussed elsewhere), but I think it might just help avoid a couple of the things that plagued the backend of the last two albums and keep the songs feeling a bit better glued together/streamlined. If not, that'll be too bad, but I'm cautiously optimistic at the moment. I'm glad the colourful sounds and aesthetics are back, and that the piano is going to be more involved again. I think it's going to be quite entertaining overall. It feels strange to say that based on my relatively lukewarm reaction to all 3 of the songs we've heard so far on a standalone basis (and massive problems with the last two albums), but I don't feel too negatively for some reason. Just as long as they haven't been forcing things too much with the heavier stuff. I agree that the "alternate versions" are a particularly interesting prospect at this point (if only to see why they committed to the idea!). So fingers crossed, for now!
  10. Hmm, let’s see. I agree with recent comments about Exogenesis and The Globalist. I always thought Exogenesis was hampered by its pretentious billing as a “symphony” despite there being no repeating/developing themes across the three movements, and it featured some of the band’s most basic orchestration at the time. I’ve softened on it over the years because I still think it’s a pleasant enough listen and admire Matt’s ambition to self-produce and arrange in spite of his limitations (which weren’t so obvious beforehand). Also, it felt like it rounded out a mostly satisfactory conclusion to its album, unlike what T2L and Drones managed. I still feel defiant if people call it a masterpiece though ! I enjoy aspects of The Globalist to an extent, but it suffers from sounding like multiple pieces (some more complete than others) merged into one rather than a single, well-developed composition. Again, a lot of my feelings about the track have to do with expectation vs reality – for years, I assumed the band could make an excellent 10/15 minute song full of developing ideas, got excited when I heard they were actually trying, and felt confused/disappointed when it didn’t seem to work as naturally as I'd hoped. I thought the rising bit in the heavy section was the most amateurish-sounding/poorly executed moment I’d heard on a Muse record to date – there was a real sense that Dom and Chris were completely out of sync with Matt’s (fine) guitar line/the backing strings ... which had never happened before, in my opinion. Back when I was listening to the first four albums, I’d never have dreamed all three members of the band and a producer would go on to sign off on an arrangement like that. A bit harsh of me, I know !! I mean, in fairness, I don’t know that either of those would qualify as “most overrated Muse songs”, as I get the impression quite a few people share similar views on them. For a couple of other honourable mentions that don’t quite fit the bill: The Small Print – pacy and fairly engaging, but not a great example of their heavy side for me. My least favourite Absolution track along with ToaDA. Fury – enjoyable enough, but not even one of my favourite B-sides. Never quite understood why it became such a popular/requested song. Liquid State (sort of?) – as much as I appreciate the gesture of including a couple of Chris’s songs on T2L, there are no two Muse tracks I’d have rather been B-sides. A lot of people seem to be more neutral or positive about LS than me, so it seems overrated by default haha! In the end I’d probably settle on Assassin or (more controversially) Map of the Problematique ! Assassin is great for allowing Dom an opportunity to show off and giving the whole band a bit of a workout, but I’ve never quite taken to it the way a lot of people seem to have. Map is a good song, but I’m often surprised at just how positively people talk about it/how loyally the band have kept it in contention for live revivals. It’s been performed live at all of the Muse gigs I’ve been to so I’ve had plenty of exposure to the experience, and it’s always been good but never a highlight. Of the forgotten singles, I think Invincible and (maybe to a lesser extent) Sing For Absolution are the tricks they’re missing. I’d rather one of them use up a “singalong ballad” slot and add a bit of their colour/spacey-ness to the set. Map could be swapped out in favour of a number of more energetic songs without me minding
  11. I'm getting a real sense of deja vu with this project. Overproduced, cringeworthy songs about politics and life on the road, followed by heartfelt acoustic versions to show off catchy songwriting prowess. Hmmmmmm. Got it ! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDi-8dWYGB0#t=01m23s
  12. I guess this reflects their intention to do a stream/download only and not put out a DVD/Blu Ray release. An intentional 4.0 mix to give an "all-encompassing, in the round concert feel" wouldn't be good enough to justify purchase for many when it's so far behind accepted home theater standards (5.1, 7.1 etc). On a fairly cheap download they can just provide a basic stereo mix and be done with it. Their next full scale live release will probably be aiming for better visual/audio fidelity than Rome - I guess this is just a stop-gap EDIT: Have just seen Marc Carolan's instagram post about the hard work put into the mix. Perhaps he decided to take a more experimental approach after the physical release was ruled out? It seems to have worked better for some than others ...
  13. I'm getting more of a late 90s straight-to-video Disney sequel feel with those vocal harmonies and the percussion - very Lion King I think I can hear some gospel-esque church organ underneath too, so will be interested to hear how all of the elements come together. If nothing else, I'm glad the album sounds like it's going to be colourful and diverse again. After The 2nd Law I wasn't sure that's what I wanted from the band anymore, but the greys and browns of Drones made me realise I did, I just wanted it done better.
  14. Just quickly on this - that's a very good point, and I must say I forgot Matt went to such lengths to 'clarify' haha. At the time I remember thinking he was probably telling porkies about the single market I expect I'd disagree with him on a lot of things, but he's entitled to his opinions (or, to keep them to himself, if he'd prefer), and the Matt-Brexit/Scottish independence thing was very much an "of course he did :rolleyes:" moment for me!
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