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  1. It's always changing, but right now it's: 1. Easily 2. Fury 3. Space Dementia 4. Hate This and I'll Love You 5. Ruled by Secrecy 6. Hysteria 7. Blackout 8. Undisclosed Desires 9. Uno 10. MK Ultra
  2. I get pretty emotional when I listen to Blackout, and the redemption video makes me tear up every time
  3. Omg thank you! I should have given it to Tom at the Edmonton show, but I didn't bring the pictures and wasn't quiet finished one of them. I'm going to try and find out if they got them though
  4. Yeah It was crazy! I was surprised I could actually talk to him, but I was almost hyperventilating after because I couldn't believe what happened . Hahaha but yeah when I meet a band I'm usually the same way and can only say how I think they are awesome and that's about it I really hope I can meet Muse some day. I tried waiting outside after the 2nd show I went to, but they already left to go to the next city.
  5. It was so awesome! The crowd in Edmonton seemed a lot crazier than in Calgary though, but that might have been because I was at the barrier for the Edmonton show, but in the stands in a section where everyone sat down for almost the whole show in Calgary. The security guards were really nice to me and gave me one of the guitar picks, and when Dom threw one of the drumsticks into the crowd, it fell in the barrier and they gave it to me! I also met Tom after the show, and he gave me the setlist!
  6. I didn't actually get to meet Muse, but I did get to meet Tom at their show last sunday! I just saw him walking, and yelled out "Omg It's Tom- HEY TOM!" and at first I wasn't sure if it was him and hesitated, but he noticed me and walked over and said "Hey how's it going?" except I just kind of said hey a bunch more times because I didn't know what to say. He asked me if I liked the show and I told him it was great and that I got to the front row and stuff (And also surprised myself that I actually said something other than hi.) It was funny because my dad thought me and Tom knew each other because I wasn't shy talking to him. He gave me the setlist! Also the security guards at the show were really nice and one of them gave me one of the guitar picks, and when Dom threw his drumsticks to the crowd, a bunch of people tried to grab it and dropped it in the barrier, so the guard picked it up and gave it to me! I also drew a bunch of pictures of Muse, and wrote a personal letter to each of them on the back to give to them. I really should have brought the drawings to the first concert because I could have given them to Tom, but I didn't think I would meet him. Although was lucky to go to another show the next day. I brought my drawings to that gig and gave them to another Muser I met while waiting in line at the previous concert, because she was on the floor and could give the drawings to them. Tom left before she could give the drawings to him, but the security guards got the drawing and eventually one of the main Muse security guards got it, so I hope Muse will get them
  7. I've been having many Muse dreams lately about seeing them at the gig I'm going to in February. I've forgotten some of them but I remember this one where I managed to get into the front row when they were playing at some sort of festival. I was so happy until I realized that I was actually at the wrong stage, and they were playing at some other stage further away. I could see the stage in the distance, so I ran there as fast as I could. For some reason the whole crowd was starting to disappear and I also noticed that the crowd was turning into toddlers and infants. I waited around to see if Muse would be playing and it just turned out to be some entertainer for little kids, and Muse never did play at the festival Then I had another one where I was at another Muse gig, and this time I was really close to the front. The problem was that I was wayy off to the side of the stage, and couldn't see Chris or Dom. I could only see Matt. On the other hand though, I had a dream about Matt last night. I don't remember how it happened, but I ended up chilling on the rooftop of some tall building with Matt. We were talking about something, and he was starting to get closer to me. I brushed my hand on his face, and I could feel how amazing his cheekbones were.*-* It was so realistic. Then he started kissing me. He started trying to do more, but I was trying to be sensible in my dream and stopped him. Then a bit later in my dream, we were sitting on his bed watching live Muse videos. And just when I thought my crush on Matt was gone
  8. lol sorry. yeah that's what I meant. He had blue hair when they played at the bizarre festival, and I think they played some songs from origin of symmetry at that festival.
  9. hahaha yeah it only lasted for a few seconds though, because my mom woke me up, so i couldn't really do anything .... I wonder what would have happened if I wasn't woken up though....
  10. I had a Muse dream a few months ago that I was driving down an alleyway, and spotted an open door, that lead to a shop that was full of Muse shirts and accessories, etc.,I got super excited and went into the shop a bought a ton of Muse shirts. then when i was leaving, I saw a pair of rainbow pants! for some reason this totally reminded me of Matt, (normally it probably would have reminded me of Dom, but in this case it was Matt) so I bought those too. then I went home and tried them on. the pants were kind of tight, so i was sure they wouldn't fit, but when i looked in the mirror they fit perfectly! Okay, here's the strangest part of my dream; after I tried the rainbow pants on, when I looked in the mirror, I realized I had actually turned into Matt. and it was Matt from the Origin of Symmetry era. I had blue hair and everything!
  11. some people i know say they like them, but when i ask them what songs they know they say they don't know the names. My other friend doesn't listen to them, but he knows how obsessed i am about them. But he called Matt, Matthew Bellamount . well at least he tried. Most of my friends don't listen to Muse, but they know about them from me, and most refer them to the twilight band. -_-
  12. This guy at my school keeps saying he's a Muser, but the only song he actually knows is Uprising....-_- He also told me that he got their autograph, then i got him to admit he was lying. He also told me that they were splitting up..Another obvious lie. -_-
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