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    Sleep, eat, rock out! My day in a nutshell.
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    Citizen of Eurasia, resident of colony GBv6.o (England)
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    Muse-ic, Reading, Sleeping
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    Muse, Enter Shikari, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Deaf Havana, The Blackout, Bullet For My Valentine, Ed Sheeran, Bring Me The Horizon, We Are The Ocean, Twin Atlantic, Asking Alexandria, Friendly Fires, You Me At Six, The View etc etc.
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    Anything with Leonardo Dicaprio (Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Basketball Diaries, Inception etc.) Good horrors and films like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
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    Eastenders, The Vampire Diaries, Medium, Sensing Murder, Roswell, anything they put on Kerrang!...etc
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    Harry Potter- cuz he's a fucking genius!, 1984, The Vampire Diaries, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, Deception Point, House of Night series, Holes, Narnia, The Lovely Bones...
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, The Resistance, HAARP
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    Leeds Festival 2011
    and if they come to fucking Birmingham there is a chance I will go.
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  1. Hello! I know I'm answering just a few days after I got your message (lol), but I wanted to say hi too :)

  2. I'm very sorry for mine too...

    Yeah it was pretty long ago now haha, I got a new acoustic guitar. :)

    Hehe thanks, but well done to you as well. :D

    No I didn't go, I never had tickets, my friend did but I didn't. I'm going this year though! :D


    And haha yes the same to you even though we're over three months in now. :p

  3. sorry again about the lateness :s

    oh wow Christmas seems like forever ago, I got clothes an iPod touch and other little bits haha :) what about you? :happy:

    well done! :D I can't remember what I got, it was all A*'s A's and B's though :) oh appart from art I got a C but that doesn't count I hated it..

    so you didn't go? :o


    and sorry it's late but a happy new year to you! :p

  4. Hey that's fine :) I've not been on here too much myself...

    I'm good thanks! Looking forward to Christmas now :D Do you hope to be getting anything nice? :happy:

    I was really pleased with them thanks! 7 A*s and 4 As :D...you did some modules as well didn't you? How did you get on? :happy:

    Aww I'm really pleased! :awesome: Wish I was allowed to go haha, my friend went to Reading. ;)


    By the way...Merry Christmas and a happy new year :xmas:

  5. Oh wow it's weird to be posting again... Undisclosed Desires because it has a catchy/dancy tune
  6. You're welcome :D Awwwwh sounds great :happy:

    Sorry about the late reply :supersad: How have you been?

  7. First off, sorry for the really late reply, I haven't been on here in a while :/

    How have you been? :happy:

    How were your GCSE results? :p

    And how was Reading? :D OMFG Leeds was the best weekend of my life so far! :p

  8. Awesome :D How are you?

    Sorry for the mega-late reply :stunned: I haven't been on here in a while...

  9. Oh sweetie, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! <3 I only just saw it! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Birthday was fine, had some cake, LOTS of food and about the presents some clothes and thankfully money that I needed to buy a few books I wanted. :D

  10. It is indeed. :p

    I did. :awesome: And still felt depressed again when it finished. :LOL:

    Thanks. ;)

    Nice! :D You're talking to a biiiiig Tom Felton fan here...:eyebrows::LOL:

    Well...I've not been doing too much but I got a Saturday job, got my gcse results, been meeting up with friends...and am seriously excited for Reading tonight! :awesome:

  11. Haha yeah! But now I'm back in Czech Republic... I was on 'The Offspring' gig...it was good :)

  12. Haha I'm excited :D Are you having fun there? :p

  13. Awesome :p And haha that's useful :awesome:

    Haha did you go again? :)

    Gooood :D And I'm glad to hear that! :happy:

    Errrm I went to Alton Towers and to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes.. Tom Felton was so hot :p How about you? :D

  14. :eek: We actually haven't!

    Awwwh thanks, I miss yours too :p

    I'm good thanks, youu? :D

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