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  1. I have 2 extra tickets if anyone wants, will let them go for face value. Section 12L, Row LL. Decent seats. I got those and thought I couldn't get better and then managed to get slightly better seats in 13R. Feel free to send me a PM if interested, I think it was $240 total with taxes.
  2. Actually, they did AP at Barclay's and didn't at Prudential. According to the setlist, 21 songs at Barclays vs 20 at Prudential, so that was likely the difference. I agree I was also disappointed that the set was pretty much identical. They don't typically do encores, at least not at any show I've been to. KoC is always the last song, period. At least the energy was a lot better, even if I was still surrounded by people who once again only seemed to know the popular songs and hardly anything off the current album. Just saw the DC show got CE. Why??!! Boo!!!
  3. Getting excited for this one since I have better seats than I had for Barclay's. Plus I hear the acoustics are better, and I'm not so sick this time. (Was partially deaf on Wed from congestion).
  4. Not sure which side you were on, but one of the drones on our side wasn't working. At least in the very beginning, for Drones, they started with 6 on each side and at some point 1 of them died or the lights just weren't cooperating. I was sick also with a horrid sinus infection and congestion to the point of being half deaf. I was almost completely deaf on the ride home from the music and congestion. At least you got to enjoy the show!
  5. My section (28) was meh. It seemed like most of the people only knew the popular songs, and barely even knew anything off the new album. During MotP and AP they were just standing there like I think I was one of the few singing to every song despite being sick AF. The show itself was awesome, hoping to get better shots and a better crowd tomorrow at Prudential.
  6. I'm going straight from work, but I work downtown so luckily only a few stops on the train. Debating which place to grab something to eat at beforehand, since I imagine Atlantic Mall will be mobbed as will Shake Shack. LoveBellamy, Is your picture your WoW character? Looks like one!
  7. Try the MuseBay thread under Gigs, people are listing their tickets for sale on that thread. In addition, some have listed tickets on the Facebook page for each show.
  8. Just got my tickets...Section 18, Row 11. I think these are the best seats I've managed to get out of the 4 sets I have. Now to just sell the extra tickets I have for Barclays and Wells Fargo...ugh.
  9. Escape Screenager Ruled By Secrecy Soldier's Poem Guiding Light Explorers Mercy
  10. Got tickets for this first and now secured Barclay's. Just hoping there's no snowstorms at the time or my 2 hour trip from Philly to NYC could take 5. Still debating whether to drive, take a bus or Amtrak. Last Amtrak out is 10:30 and last bus out is 11:30.
  11. Funny you said this way back in May, since the one show they did announce is indeed at Barclay's.
  12. I had the same issue. I logged in just as it hit 10am. I could have had section 4 row 9. As I was processing payment, the screen changed and booted me back to the beginning! Then I got section 110 row 1. Tried again and the same thing happened! I was thinking ok let me try on 2 tabs and see what happens. Finally I got section 28, row 15. Not the most ideal, but I'll take it! Ironically I accidentally submitted on the other window as well thinking the first one wasn't going through. So I also have section 102 row 6. Guess I can find friends who want to take them off my hands!
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