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  1. Glad to know I wasn't the only "legacy" member who got the code in the afternoon, Spotify code for today if anyone needs it Muse30stmSpotify PS: Which were VIP tix? I haven't even seen any labeled VIP, but I wonder if the $125 I paid for 7R are that expensive bc they're VIP?
  2. FYI, I bought 4 tix, broken down into 2 purchases of 2.
  3. IDK how, but I just got 4 tix through the phone app, while desktop browser kept saying there's nothing available. So if you're still looking, try it with the app.
  4. I am kicking myself for not paying attention to the seating map. On my first try I got sec 25 row 2, and I put them back in thinking it was the corner. Overall, I gotta say this was the most organized pre-sale.
  5. They started at 9:05 on the dot, finished around 10:45 I've never been jealous of GA peeps, until lat night. So much love for fans. I was thinking of grabbing a GA ticket for tonight's show, but I'm afraid for my belly.
  6. still have extra 3 tix for tonight. Does anyone want to swap, maybe?
  7. I have 3 tix (together) for sec 102. face value. Also, does anyone plan on trying to meet the guys after the show? I really want to, but don't have any idea of where to go for that. It's usually by the tour bus, think, but it will prob be be parked in the garage.
  8. Brother got us tix in 105, row 12. I finally was able to get tix for my boss for VIP (he wanted to surprise his kids), section 105, row 10. 2 row difference. Price difference is $155. Boss is not too happy. Oh well,
  9. Looks like they "escaped" from the garage again. Stayed there til' 2am, met some SNL cast
  10. Was planning to leave the house at 5am, to try and score a ticket, but overslept. For those of you going: Congrats! I'll try my luck at meeting them outside when they leave/arrive. Anyone knows what entrance they'll be using?
  11. First Monday in the history of all Mondays that I will not strongly dislike. Also, my boss will be going with his kids. So if I show up to work late the next day, it'll be ok.
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