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  1. I did the enhanced experience on last year's (indoor arena) tour and it was awesome. This year I did it again, but unless you have GA seats I'd say don't do it. I did GA in Atlanta and got right where I wanted to be, as we are the very first ones allowed in the arena. But the MUSEum and the free merch (backpack-type thing and the laminate are all you get this year - no poster) aren't nearly as nice as they were for the indoor shows, and you don't get merch shopping in the VIP area like they've done before. I have seats and GA (going with friends) in Charlotte. Enhanced experience got me great seats but I probably wouldn't do it again for seats, especially when I always see more than one show on a tour and I don't need extra merch. Worth it for pit, though, at least for me.
  2. Did you see them in DC last Feb? I was there!
  3. Given the political climate here these days, it'll be interesting to see if they are heavier on those types of songs this year.
  4. I bought VIP tix to both Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA - except I accidentally bought two pair in Charlotte. I'm blaming pre-sale excitement and the fact that I was late to a meeting because I was trying to buy tickets! At any rate, I have an extra pair of Follow Me VIP experience GA tickets for the Charlotte show. Check MuseBay for full info. Selling for $50 off face value and no Ticketmaster fees.
  5. Also, rules on front of site say codes will be delivered via text, which is why I needed to change my contact info. But official rules say via email. If that's the case, I didn't need to re-enter and thus possibly disqualify myself. Very confusing.
  6. I *think* it's the user name for this message board. At least that's what I used because otherwise I have no idea.
  7. Assassin City of Delusion Showbiz Sing for Absolution Space Dementia
  8. It didn't for me at first, either. I'd say keep trying - I imagine it's overloaded.
  9. When completing the form, my home phone # populated automatically and I didn't catch it until I had clicked to submit. Rules say you can't submit more than once, so I'm afraid to go back and fix it. Ticketmaster Fan Support is the info given for help, but they know nothing. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. I personally thought the show was fantastic -- I realize I'm never going to get all of the songs that I myself would like to hear and that I'm going to hear songs that aren't my favorites. So I try to approach each show with an open mind. I loved the 360 thing as well as the visuals. The first time I saw them when they opened for U2, I asked here on the forum about their seemingly strange lack of stage patter, so now I'm used to it. BTW, I did the VIP thing and so was one row off the floor dead center of section 111, so that put me about 5 or 6 rows back from the stage but one row up, which is great when you're pretty short! Worth every penny.
  11. One of the moat painless pre-sales ever. Woot!
  12. YES! Thank you! I think Supremacy overall is an awesome song, but that lyric gets me every time. On first listen this is definitely my least favourite of the three new ones. Not a popular opinion, I see, but there it is nonetheless.
  13. When you click on the Muse link at the top of the page, it takes you to some appliance store's FB page. I'm thinking there's a hack....
  14. Nope, you're definitely not the only one in NC! I couldn't get tickets (still holding out hope for a miracle) but have a friend in NYC to stay with, so I may go up just in case of that miracle actually occurring....
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