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  1. Blue aswel But i voted black as it was amazing with his eyes, and i also love the natural brown too
  2. I love that matt and dom are having a pillow fight! I might start my Sims 3 again and make muse xD
  3. Iv done something similar before in new born when the guitar comes in after the piano, i was like but the song is so afterwards i was like damm they where good looking
  4. Dam i cant find any of the LED blue shutter shades on Ebay, that guy has stopped selling them now Closest i can get is blue glasses but the lights are white like Kanye West If anyone knows any other links for them please can i has them, would be great, got a friends party soon and would love a pair of them to wear with my Fez EDIT: Its ok now, my mates is getting them imported from the US for me yay
  5. I had a dream last night, me and Matt where sat round a camp fire eating marshmallows waiting for zetas O.o when the spaceship did come Dom and Chris got out and joined us whilst explaining that the zetas make better marshmallows then we do, I woke up like WTF
  6. This has probably been posted before...But is there a girl version of Bellamys red jacket with the white stripes on the cuff of the sleeves? I would love that jacket but im a girl and i dont have a boyfriend to say it belongs to them so i was hoping if anyone knew if there was a similar style one for girls, but not chavy if you get me Thank Guys + Girls, Muchos Love to you all
  7. At LCCG, i mistook Resistance for Invincible, and was like AMG INVINCIBLE Then i was like wait no its Resistance EVEN better and felt like an absolute idiot as everyone around me heard it
  8. Wow seriously WTF this is a pile of BS, Muse will never split and the PROPER muse fans wouldn't want this to happen or make this thread, stuff like this makes me annoyed and sad that some fans would even think this. Anyway great pics, always been a lurker in here lol
  9. Omg thank you guys so much for all these lols, i have had a really crap time this week, my boyfriend split up with me and is asking another girl out next week, we were together a year and a half, we also went to the LCCC concert together, so unfortunaly he is corrupting my musey memories of that concert. But these lols have really helped put a smile on my face and cheered me up alot! Thanks everyone xx
  10. Hi, sorry for my late reply, not been on in ages either, life been a bit hectic at the moment lol,

    you ok? x

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