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  1. Hi, sorry for my late reply, not been on in ages either, life been a bit hectic at the moment lol,

    you ok? x

  2. Hai thar. Thanks for the add. Haven't been online for about a week hence the lateness :o x

  3. "waving my lightsaber at Matt", I actually made my eyes water laughing at that. I do remember seeing a big orangey red thing for like a split second and wondering what it was. I thought it was like a bottle or something (yeah, an orange one). I also came home with a newfound love for Dom and his drumming ability after seeing him play Wankdorf, that shiz was one of my favourite moments of my entire life. Seriously. I fricking love that guy now.
  4. Haha yeah to be fair that was pretty mind-blowing. I almost had a fit when they got onto the platform and started playing the Wankdorf Jam. (Cheers for the info about merch btw, might make my way over to the Wembley thread )
  5. It was only after I'd been to the merch stand and returned to my spot that I saw them and the place was filling up fast. No I'm not going to Wembley, I was thinking of Paypalling someone to get me one/post it to me Does the stuff that's left at the end of the tour become available on .mu then? As you can tell I'm new to all this
  6. Absolutely amazing gig it was on Sat. It was only the third gig I've ever been to and the first of that type. By far the best (and after my last gig I never thought I'd say that)! I tried to get some footage on my matchbox camera but the quality doesn't compare to the stuff on YouTube. Can't wait to see them again next time 'round! While I'm here, I know this is probably the wrong place (and a dumb question) but is there anywhere I can get tour merch other than muse.mu? At LCCC I saw girls walking around in a charcoal grey zip hoodie with tour dates on the back but I wasn't prepared to spend another 40 mins stood at the merch stand. It was the most amazing hoodie/jacket I've evar seen. Do I just befriend and cut a deal with one of the Wembley Musers before this weekend?
  7. Yarp I totally got ditched and ended up selling my spares 'cos apparently none of my friends have taste. It's like my third gig evar, second I've been to alone. I've not been to Manchester before never mind LCCC so it's safe to say I has fear sure enough.
  8. We're thinking of possibly going over the day before and getting in the queue early on. Of course, I'd be the one sat out all day while mum and aunt hang out at one hotel or another, and then moments before doors I'd call them come and join me in the queue. Do you know if many camped out? And how would you anticipate Muse queues would compare? PM'ed you, btw.
  9. Some talented peoples here. I've drawn portraits since 2006 but I draw so sporadically that I make little progress, that's why I stick to stuff that has little shading or complexity. Very recently learnt how do draw eyes properly:
  10. +1 fo' sho'. I have favourites and I have ones I'll skip every now and then, but I like them all. Every. Single. One.
  11. I love Endlessly too. Would it be a bad thing to say though, that Renée Fleming's cover made me really realise how much I like the song?
  12. Ah, shouldn't be too much of a problem then? I'm still scared though. Would it be a good idea for me to reserve our spot in the queue early on? If so what time-ish? Cos if my ma doesn't get seated she can't come and it's on her birthday so she can't not come (and we kinda wanna get a good viewpoint too ). Yeah I do totally fail at life.
  13. Hey guys, I'm posting here in a bit of a frenzy after calling Seetickets quite unsuccessfully. Let me explain: Tickets went on sale for LCCC gig, we bought three (me, mum, aunt), mum broke her leg, no disabled tickets left to exchange for. Sept really isn't that far off now so we're having to get something sorted somehow. I've called ST several times and every time I've been told to call back to see if there are any returned tickets at a later date. I kinda got somewhere today for once; the dude told me it's highly unlikely tickets will be returned as they're non-refundable so I won't waste my time calling again. He said some of the GA spots are seated so we're intending to get to those, but how early are people gonna be queueing? I'm new to the whole gigging thing and I'm finding Muse hard to predict re. queue times. See, I have to get there early so I can queue and get seats before they're all gone. Anyone give me any ideas? I'll sit out from 6am/the evening before if I have to. And yes, I'm new. Howdy!
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