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  1. brionyl

    Muse at T in the Park

    Matt needs to find whoever gave him that haircut and ask for his money back.... Or maybe he did it himself.... Or maybe Dom did it for him with a pudding bowl.....
  2. brionyl

    Glastonbury 2010

    [quote=Clunge;8111307 . Yes. Bono can be a bit of an arrogant goit at times but he's devoted a lot of time and effort to very worthy causes and struggles and for that, I commend him. I'm interested in how many people seem to know Bono on here. You've obviously all met the man and spent time with him to know he's arrogant - you couldn't possibly just be going on a pop star persona could you? One of my friends is a friend of his in Dublin and apart from the odd airy-fairy things he comes out with, says he's just a regular guy who enjoys a drink and an evening with his mates.
  3. brionyl

    Glastonbury 2010

    It is hard to sit back, but I usually do! Like you, I've got halfway through many a message and then thought "sod it, it doesn't matter". And you're right it doesn't. Thousands of people out there at Glastonbury had the night of their lives tonight and thousands of us watching at home loved it too. Muse are a magnificent combination of musicians who are brilliant and inventive and will always do what they want to do. I'm happy to sit back and watch them do it! They're also intelligent enough to know that there were people in that crowd who weren't there for Muse and that *has* to affect their choice of songs. It's got to be more of a 'Greatest Hits' set under those circumstances or you'll come seriously unstuck as I believe Mr Springsteen did last year.
  4. brionyl

    Glastonbury 2010

    Indeed. You're dead right. But when you've just watched something as awesome as that (and believe me, I've seen some gigs in the 36 years I've been going to concerts) and then you come on here and see people bitching about the tiniest things, it just got the better of me. I'm going now and it won't be tea, it'll be one more glass of wine and then bed!
  5. brionyl

    Glastonbury 2010

    In what way? By keeping quiet and watching a bunch of immature twats moaning because a Muse performance wasn't their ideal of utter perfection in every minute way? Frustration got the better of me and I'm not apologising for that.
  6. brionyl

    Glastonbury 2010

    AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! FUCK OFF!!! JUST FUCK OFF WITH YOUR WHINGING, ALL OF YOU!! STUNNING SET, THEY PLAYED AN AMAZING, POWERFUL SONG WITH AN ICONICALLY FAMOUS MUSICIAN AND ALL WE GET IS "oh, I'm so disappointed". P.S. Anyone who knows me would be absolutely stunned at what I've just written above. I don't usually swear like that, but I've just had enough. I cannot believe people are moaning about what they've just seen!!
  7. Dear God, there's some strange people on here. In the 24 years since it was released I've never heard 'Princes' referred to as cheesy before. I'm still having trouble working out how anyone can compare an innovative, intelligent rock band with Celine Dion....
  8. 100% agreed. That's what happens when you get a lot of immature people on the board. Those of us who've been around for many years couldn't give a flying f*ck about what other people think. We have the courage and maturity to think "I like this band and if there's an occasional song that makes me wince then so be it". I love many bands that have had long and varied careers but I could never claim to love every single song they did. It'd be weird if I did. I grit my teeth a lot reading this board because there are so many childish comments made on it, but this is really getting to me. If you don't like the direction Muse are going in, go and find someone else to listen to who just churns out the same crap album after album and leave us to enjoy people who can keep surprising us. As soon as I heard that clip, I knew there'd be a stack of snobs on here lining up to say how awful the song was. Unfortunately, I wasn't disappointed.
  9. Much like Queen did. It was one of the things I loved about them - you never knew what to expect next. Never thought I'd find another band than excited me like that but I have & I think that's pretty lucky in one lifetime.
  10. Ken Bruce's record of the week this week on Radio 2 is Renee Fleming's cover of 'Endlessly'. Gave me quite a surprise at work this morning when I heard it. I've seen some adverse comments about it on here but I like it. It's such a beautiful song anyway.
  11. ANYTHING but Bo Rhap!!! And I've been a Queen fan since before most of you were born! Innuendo would be a much better choice. Or something off Queen II.
  12. That is such a ridiculously wrong statement I'm surprised you can stand up for the weight of wrong on your shoulders. Only someone under 25 could make such a dumb comment.
  13. 330 of them. 100,000+ people attending 2 Wembley shows in this country alone. They don't stand a chance! It's not their fault they're musically subnormal - just leave them and their daft little group alone. Don't mock the afflicted!
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