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  1. As an FYI will call is open, I'd recommend grabbing tickets now as if you have your wristband, you need to be the GA queue at 5.
  2. Anyone know what the deal is for the GA queue for this show? I saw Muse play here at TD Garden almost 3 years ago and for that show, we got numbered wristbands that allowed us to go into the city or wherever for most of the day, and then come back and take our place in line closer to the doors opening. I'd hope that there's a similar situation for this show, but I don't know for sure. I even emailed TD Gardens customer service asking about this, but I haven't gotten a reply since I sent it 4 days ago.
  3. Yep, that was me Two days later I still cant believe I got it after years of trying for so much as a setlist or an unused pick lol. Im such a dork I already went out and bought a case for it! Gotta say of the now 4 GA Muse shows Ive been to this was easily the best organized by the venue and far and away had the best fan experience! I love how Matt is more interactive with the crowd (way more as I got a high-five during Undisclosed Desires!). It felt like the perfect balance between an intimate band experience and the colossal production which it truly was! Loved every minute of it! ... well apart from being up for 23 hours, but all part of the experience! Sad to say that was my only gig of the spring tour, hopefully I can see another in the fall!
  4. Having spent a few weeks in Scotland over the past year I think Ill manage But if the wristband thing has any truth to it hopefully itll ease being outside in a deluge all morning and afternoon Any case I with the rest of my group will be there bright and early. To be safe Im probably going to park at the end of the Orange line and take the T in as I cant risk missing a train out, working the next day!
  5. Yeah the train leaves from actually under TD Garden. My only concern is if the show runs late or if there's a delay I'm more or less stuck, but as long as they have typically been ending before 11PM I should be able to do that. Also, 2 days until the show!
  6. Would like to know this too as Im meeting up with some people there coming in from different directions. Also as its been almost 2 years since my last Muse gig, any guesses as to when it will let out based on other gigs in the tour so far? Im debating taking Amtrak down from Portland however the latest train out of Boston is 11:21PM so if the end time is going to push that Ill have to forgo that option despite it being the most convenient.
  7. So while Ive been in North Station a number of times, this will be my first time actually going to an event at TD Garden. Anyone know where the queue usually forms and where the parking lot is? Ill be driving down from Maine early that morning.
  8. So I just relocated to Maine this week for a new job and as a result am going to this show vs any of the NYC area shows. If anyone has a space GA ticket please PM me as Id be willing to pay at or a bit over face value for it. Thanks!
  9. My 3 Wolstentweets in the last month! 1st was asking if football was possible a couple weeks before the NY gigs: 2nd was after he was talking about jet lag and I asked if he was used to this after touring Last was yesterday asking what happened to the NY football match that didnt go off Monday :awesome: I hope he comes back to NY for a proper football match soon, we now know a pitch so finding a location wont be an issue this time around
  10. Final vid I got from the night, Exogenesis 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDIKaMBpbVI&hd=1 Check my youtube channel (roushfan1799) for the others if you dont want to back track through the thread, Im pretty pleased overall with the power of the Panazonic TZ10 Ill try and link the pictures I took later, I got some incredible shots from barrier
  11. Heres the New Born speaker fail from Nassau Coliseum, shot in HD from the barrier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdKwZZ7d1Vg&hd=1 But hey we got 2 solos! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=booLc38Fpdk&hd=1
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