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  1. I picked Map of the Problematique straight away. This song is incredible important to me. I could go on all day about this song but it would be some big emotional ramble.
  2. I've just spent a lot of money on going to this show. Has anybody got a good plan on getting near the front? I'm talking blueprints and everything. Which entrance to the MEN is the right one for standers? Cheers guys!
  3. Seriously! Child in Time by Deep Purple, back to the origin of the rock falsetto, and grandiose music, it has everything that Muse do best. It would honestly be epic. Please listen.
  4. Dead Star Shrinking Universe Recess Glorious .... ....and the list goes on - pretty much every Muse song is stellar, excluding some, not all of them can possibly be mentioned frequently.
  5. Way back I ordered my tickets off Seatwave, thankfully they have been sent off around a week ago (maybe more) however now, after worrying about the postal strike. Me and my friend have called the company and they said our tickets may not arrive on time for the gig. This being the possible case is there anyway I could enquire to the Eco Arena about this incident, have them ring up Seatwave to match our names to the tickets we payed for, or will we just have to do without abit of Muse this year?
  6. Probably Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Corss-Pollination) Spread, our codes to the stars, You can rescue us all, Spread our codes to the stars, You must rescue us all, Tell us, what is your final wish? Now we know you can never return, Tell us, what is your final wish? We will tell it to the world Not because it means anything to me, but because it sends shivers up my spine at how epic it is.
  7. 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Bliss 3. Butterflies and Hurricanes 4. Yes Please 5. The Small Print Hard to chose really so many I like and it depends on what I like listening to most at the time.
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