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  1. Helllo from all the way back in January. Been SLIGHTLY busy since end of last year with my two jobs so this is the first time back on here for ages... You asked me way back then if I put my poetry anywhere online and the answer is yes - http://www.redbubble.com/people/bronzeart/

  2. Tengo 2 entradas sentado muy cerca del escenario en el Foro Sol. No puedo llegar a la feria. Si ellos quieren que se encuentran en la sección VE-02A fila 8 asientos 23 y 24. usted puede ir a la voluntad de llamadas y comprarlos a precio regular 1100 pesos cada uno. Sólo tienes que dar mi número de orden

    28-52817/MXC y los últimos 4 dígitos de mi tarjeta de crédito 6199. Estoy en los Estados Unidos por lo que es muy difícil de vender. Cuando usted compra van a mi tarjeta de crédito para los boletos y los dará a usted! Pase esta información a cualquier persona que podría estar interesado si ya tiene los boletos. Esto no es una broma ... ¡Gracias!

  3. Oh well, sorry for the kinda evident lag I have in responding to the posts...

    I think she's got a pretty cool voice, nice skills really. Gonna send you a private message, catch ya c:

  4. Yeah yeah, it's absolutely what I think about introductions. Sometimes, you see, it's like some people just want to describe and build themselves a totally different identity, just to seem more interesting. Btw, it depends on people, duh.

    Sara Bareilles, think I've heard this name before...

  5. Yes, kind of. :eek: How can you do that? :LOL:

  6. I like essays :(, Am I weird?

  7. Yo también haha

  8. It's just hilarious!


    I'm laughing my ass off, swear to Muse!

  9. Forgive me, I'm Captain Obvious ! :facepalm:


    A long time ago you asked me if people spoke Spanish or English in Mexico. Well, only a minority is able to master both, but most of the people can understand 'basic' English.

  10. I DO know for a fact certain people consider TFOT obsolete, boring, and repetitive, but that's why someone invented the "kick some ass up ahead. then run, don't turn your head. loathe them off, you won't regret".


    P.D: I like your Beatles T-Shirt


    P.D2: I know my rhyme was awful, I invented it in like three fucking seconds.

  11. Haha, thanks! :awesome:

    Was browsing around on photobucket and was lucky enough to come across someone who'd put those images together (poorly, though, but I liked the idea) so I just had to make something out of them.

  12. Hello Franco. c: Well, little introductions may be a bit useful, but I just can't stand the ones who describe themselves using such a big amount of words. I mean, I like to discover people.

  13. yeah that's where i got it from. obviously.

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