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    Random facts:

    -I'm a pianist, have been for like 5 years. :)

    -I'm a hobby photographer. ^^
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    Playing piano, photographing and da computer. :D
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    Muse and Shinedown are my favoritebands. :]
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    Comedy: Family Guy and Simpsons, oh yeah.

    Drama: Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Housewifes
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    24/10 Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden.

    (It was A W E S O M E ! )
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  1. Maa.

    Grattis på födelsedagen!:happy:

  2. Peter Griffin in Family Guy just said... "I like being a fat cat...." And he wasn't like Garfield, he was the boss of a big company.
  3. I got a bit tired at EVERYONE saying What is air. You: Fuck Tumblr. Stranger: Stranger: i didn't even get to say t yet You: teeheee Stranger: you're a life ruiner You: Stranger: you ruin people's lives. You: :D Stranger: and its my birthday! Stranger: god, stranger, you're so stupid! You: > : ) You: MOHAHAHAHHAHA You have disconnected.
  4. You: I'm Matt Bellamy. Stranger: Well, fuck. I'm Bono Stranger: This is awkward You: Yeah.... You: Well... I'm sorry about last time. Stranger: Well, your drummer takes it like a man, i'll give him that Stranger: Your bassist isn't too keen on that sort of stuff though Stranger: not as willing Stranger: He needs to loosen up You: Naaah, he just had a baby, so he might be a bit... tense. Stranger: take a couple of lessons from the guys in Coldplay. Stranger: They know how it works You: Oh really? I thought they were lame... but they can take it? Stranger: They can. It lasts way longer than their musical relevance Stranger: Gwenith Paltrow joins in sometimes as well You: Oh, that's a plus dude... I will ask Kate next time. Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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