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  1. That would be Resistance. And it does totally sound like he says 'masturbation fest', and it makes me smile every time. Singing along with it, it's really hard to remember that that's NOT how it goes. (Must erase it fast=masturbation fest. whatever, close enough!)
  2. It's just hilarious!


    I'm laughing my ass off, swear to Muse!

  3. Haha, thanks! :awesome:

    Was browsing around on photobucket and was lucky enough to come across someone who'd put those images together (poorly, though, but I liked the idea) so I just had to make something out of them.

  4. Your signature's a win!


    I fucking love it.

  5. I can't believe some people can't see the resemblance. I've watched Muse videos with my da, who listens now and again but isn't a hardcore Muse fan or anything -- and the first thing he said was 'gee, he reminds me of christian bale, don't you think?' especially when he lost 60 lbs to play Reznik in The Machinist... but that was just frightening.
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