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  3. Selena Gomez together with her own naked honeymoon heels


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  4. RW7101.jpg



    Finding the best shoes for your party


    There is no doubts for the edgy Charlize Theron to state her shoes in a different way. The floral cutouts heels is the most popular choice now.


    The ninja style is perfectly nailed down on Blake Lively's Shoes. Her open toe ankle boots nicely showed her slim legs.


    It always needs to watch Britney Spears Shoes carefully. The ballet flats is not what you see, it's a wedge.


    Cate Blanchett in a beaded Shoes and beaded dress top has created a star sight on the red carpet night.

  5. Oh well, sorry for the kinda evident lag I have in responding to the posts...

    I think she's got a pretty cool voice, nice skills really. Gonna send you a private message, catch ya c:

  6. Yeah yeah, it's absolutely what I think about introductions. Sometimes, you see, it's like some people just want to describe and build themselves a totally different identity, just to seem more interesting. Btw, it depends on people, duh.

    Sara Bareilles, think I've heard this name before...

  7. All my friends adore Muse and the merit is just mine. Joke. It depends on the friends. My bestie "hate" them cause when I was truly obsessed I used to talk about them almost all the time. I can be very nerve-wracking at times.
  8. Thanks, mate n.n

  9. Hello Franco. c: Well, little introductions may be a bit useful, but I just can't stand the ones who describe themselves using such a big amount of words. I mean, I like to discover people.

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