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    1st thing: I make really long posts... sorry!
    2nd thing: I'm sort of enthusiastic & outspoken ... sorry in advance for anything that might accidentally come out sounding like Gordon Ramsay on rocket fuel & offend some really nice person! (just in case)

    I'm a caffeine addicted, atheistic Skeptic with a "mad scientist" INTJ personality type (or in Jung's words - a crank - thanks Carl.) When I am not here I hang out on another forum with fellow mad, cranky INTJs plotting world domination & discussing how we might actually get our heads out of lala land or science books for long enough to enact our evil plans. It has been rumoured that we are incapable of dressing ourselves in matching socks, absent-mindedly smack into walls every 5 minutes & are robots that do not have souls. That's rubbish. My matching socks have not been anywhere near a wall today... Full excuse for other absurd INTJ behaviour can be found here:

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    In my own little world, but that's ok – they all know me here. (NB: You are currently talking to the first computer to pass the Turing Test - not a real human)
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    Reading, Turing Machines, computers, AI, robots, cryptography, science, psychology, writing lyric & poetry, photography, speaking German, sound engineering and songwriting. Playing chess and er... Star Munchkin! Attempting to play pretty much any sort of musical instrument with strings on or that you can beat the crap out of! Egg slicers and pots are good.

    My fav thing: Recording studios. If the universe was one big recording studio it would be perfect. :-) Plans are afoot to build one with my fellow engineer friend in her future semi-underwater house which will have grass & cows on the roof & an entrance only accessible by submarine.... OK moral of this story is never leave two mad scientist types alone together in a room for more than half an hour!
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    Cyberspace Mangler by day, Alien Hunter by night...
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    Rammstein, Emigrate, Neil Finn, Pink Floyd, Liam Finn, Betchadupa, Emmanuel Pahud
  • Favourite Films
    Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii
    Life of Brian
    Everything else by Monty Python
    Richard Dawkins' stuff
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
    Apollo 13
    Batman Begins
    Indiana Jones
    Ice Age
    Monsters Inc
    Madagascar (I like to move it, move it!...)
    Star Trek
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Myth Busters
    Big Bang Theory
    Two and a Half Men
    Top Gear
    Flight of the Conchords
    anything with Michael Palin, Gene Simmons or Gordon Ramsay in it.
  • Favourite Books
    Jung, Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, Stephen Hawking, Douglas Adams type stuff etc & any other cool science, or psychology books. And Wikipedia. Actually, I will read pretty much anything except bills.

    Currently reading "The God Delusion" & "Greatest Show" by Richard Dawkins, "Without Conscience" by Robert Hare, "Goedel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter & "New Kind of Science" by Stephen Wolfram. I don't read much...
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Resistance, Hallaballo DVD,Absolution, HAARP, Absolution Tour DVD, Black Holes, SHOWBIZ, Origin of S... (and soon anything else I haven't got yet)...
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    I live at the bottom of the world on an island so don't think it's very likely I will be going to any Muse gig in the near future!
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  1. Hey there! You joined the mansongroup and i wanted to check out your profile! You kiddin me?? Rammstein!! <3 Manson <3 psychology <3 douglas adams <3 you like to speak German?? Sprichst du's nur gerne oder kommst du aus Deutschland? Well to make a Long story Short - you really cool gurl! Wow this just Sounds thaaaaaat stupid....



  2. Whoa! That is some insane rollercoaster. Probably you would die on impact with the water ... but the idea is good! You should become a rollercoaster designer!
  3. Oh dear God, I knew there was a reason I was supposed to stick around.... Awwwwww thank you.
  4. What did I miss? I've been away for two years also. Just decided to randomly rejoin the forum....
  5. No, because I never like my computer to remember my passwords - but now that you mentioned it I will think of it every time I go to log in somewhere and see it !!!!! Those lyrics are cool.
  6. Helllo from all the way back in January. Been SLIGHTLY busy since end of last year with my two jobs so this is the first time back on here for ages... You asked me way back then if I put my poetry anywhere online and the answer is yes - http://www.redbubble.com/people/bronzeart/

  7. Sup, I hadn't use the messageboard in a looooooooong time.


    Do you have a website where you upload your poetry? If so, please give me the url so I can read them!

  8. Hey there! Sorry, haven't been on for quite a while (obviously.. lol). I'm from Hamburg!

    That's funny, cause I always wanted to visit New Zealand.. that's my dream since I've been a child.. ;o)

  9. :LOL: I was okay with it. :awesome:


    The artwork for Uprising is soooo bad it's just a Muse logo and the title. :LOL: I don't like the Resistance artwork either. :erm:

  10. Yeah, me too. I'm really pissed a NZder spoiled the fun ... not that I would really know because I waited. What do you think of the artwork for Uprising?

  11. I heard the leak. :$ I'm in love with it.

  12. Just heard the whole thing on Zane's show. Like it even more than the 36" preview. What a cool song.

  13. Hey!

    Thanks, that means a lot. :)

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