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  1. yes... yes i have... :pimp:

  2. lol i only just saw this christmas card gotta love christmas tree matt :D Hope you had a lovely christmas!

  3. Same for you! Merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely holiday :D

  4. :D


    I find myself staring at it :$

  5. :pimp: What can I say, Dom was asking for it wearing that outfit!
  6. wat?! *goes to see*

  7. :) I try to ignore teh b33f....
  8. :LOL: Now we see where the money went! *shakes fist*



  9. Hello :) I have the panasonic lumix zs3, the official camera of the muse board! I like it because it's small but has a 12x zoom (a lot of the older cameras with the big zoom are big and boxy)


    It also takes video in HD, I posted a few on youtube http://www.youtube.com/xdeadxduckx (helsinki jam is one of my best:

  10. no :$ I use yahoo... i once had a messenger acct but i lost the PW and ever since i got my new comp (so it's not saved in here) haven't been able to log in :rolleyes:

  11. no, i've already done my three for the season. I may try to do another one if they come anywhere near me in the fall (or possibly in florida) but it'll really depend on my schedule etc. :erm:


    I'm about to upload a couple of my vids from MSG :D

  12. i do have twitter, but it's private, so I have to approve people in order for them to read the messages ;)

  13. :chuckle: The concert was great :D I had a very obstructed view and a hard time getting to the pit - but I was at the barrier and Matt was ---> RIGHT THERE in front of me! I haven't had a chance to write a proper review yet because I'm still scatterbrained and trying to catch up on things. I keep getting random memories of things popping up here and there....
  14. !








  15. dom has highly recognizable nostrils :yesey::chuckle:

  16. hello :D The pic is of Dom's supersexy noseholes ;) (from the Church of Dom twitpic)


    oooh baby don't you know i sniffle...

  17. hey, are you still interested in the fairfax gig? Someone just posted in the thread that they have 2 floor tix!

  18. hey, i finally found that pic of Chris - and of course the thread's been locked :phu:


    Here you go...






    It's probably the single greatest picture of Chris ever taken :yesey::chuckle:



    dude, on second look - check out how boney matt's thumb is :pope: it kind of disturbs me :erm:

  19. i'm bored silly... i'm so bored i'm watching one of the music choice channel thingies :facepalm:

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