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  1. lol, I like watching the Starlight EMA's narin kase astig ung Laser show XD Pero sabi ng kaibigan ko na masakit sa skin daw un?
  2. D:{ LECHE NAMAN NA CANCEL UNG BANGKOK GIG. GRAR HEADS WILL ROLL ( I wish XD, oh well ganun talaga minsan)
  3. Well, it was Chester who laughed at me because I was backing up so much and leaned back muntik ako mahulog, lol.
  4. Illuminatist: LOL, a bunch of my Phil Buddies from LPU went to see them and met the band. I met the band and got laughed at in Bangkok.
  5. My boyfriend thinks they're ok, but not like LIKEs them because he says the Guitar is too Spacey. Then at one point he says its distracting because Matt sounds like a girl when he sings. And yeah, gotten the "they sound just like radiohead" thing.
  6. Couple years back I was at my uni, late around 5.30 pm. Some band was playing in front of the ground floor on the basketball court. My ears perked up when I recognized what they were playing: Time is Running Out: The horribly abused version (due to horrible accents). I cringed and put on some earphones.
  7. I'm just saying the reason why Beyonce is able to get a 70,000 shit thing in the Phils because her music is "mainstream" enough to appeal to a wide audience. I for one, dont care if somethings mainstream or not to judge whether or not somethings good or bad. If its good, and I like it, doesnt matter what other people say, fuck off and I like it. Muse's music isnt mainstream enough (in asia anyway) to appeal to such a wide audience so they wont be able to get that 70,000 seat audience there now. And its also partially the artists decision whether or not they make 'pop shit' that would appeal to everyone or decide to tell the studio, "ei we had a contract about artistic control, let us be, ya fucker." Now if the studio still pushes for them to make 'hits' then its up to the artist to obey or go for another label.
  8. I'm not trying to be indie or mainstream or whatever, just stating the facts. Muse is neither indie nor mainstream. They have mainstream hits (TiRO and Starlight) but they're not mainstream. Beyonce and Avril are however, since alot of what they do (be it in music or out) appeals to the masses. -2 cents.
  9. Oh right. Its Avril who's so mainstream its not funny. Got nothing against Beyonce, I mean half the people going are fans of her music and voice, quarter of the people going like her because shes a sexay thang and the other quarter are going just cause they can. XD
  10. Probably not Beyonce is so mainstream its not funny. Muse is playing in a place of 6,000 capacity here and theres still about 3,000 tickets left as of yesterday.
  11. So they know that they're being cursed at XD basic rule of thumb when traveling. But then I never learned any Thai swaer words nor bothered to.
  12. Gods, this is hard. it changes, so as of now, 1) - 3) no order Invincible, Supermassive Black Hole, Map of the Problematique 4) Stockholm Syndrome 5)...I think its got to be either Bliss or Endlessly. But till I listened to the new album in its entirety, Hysteria was my favorite... Time is Running Out was a long time favorite, but kinda got tired of it after a while.
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