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  1. Who the fuck would vote for Knights over Stockholm?! That shouldn’t have been so close!
  2. Ugh Eternally Missed and Space Dementia. I prefer this to SBE...so far.. maybe...
  3. In Your World <33 (think that was the song that got me into them?) Cave Screenager Darkshines Shrinking Universe Uno Eternally Missed Space Dementia Hate this & ill love you/hyper music/COD (can't decide) God that would be awesome.
  4. I know what you mean, but I saw Placebo last year (and I'd say I like Muse quite a lot more than Placebo) but that gig was incredible - the sound quality was beautiful, the people were chilled and respectful and I left with a warm fuzzy feeling. Ah I dunno. Looks like everyone else loved it so I guess it's just me.
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