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  1. ^ Very true. Although I was still pissed off because I wanted Assassin so bad and Dead Inside is shit regardless of how 'big' it sounded.
  2. From the gigs I've attended, and in no particular order: Assassin Stockholm Syndrome Reapers Bliss Space Dementia (that outtro at Reading 2011..the best thing I've seen them do live, holy fuck) Plug in Baby MK Ultra New Born KoC Invincible (great intro and solo)
  3. Did anyone else manage to pick up a Wi-Fi network called 'Muse Production' (or something along those lines)? I was infront of the mainstage in the middle of the crowd at around 4pm and was trying to find the official DL Wi-Fi. This wasn't appearing, but was surprised to see I had 2 bars of Muse Wi-Fi! They must have a damn strong wireless router! It was a cool thing to see and know that things were already happening behind the scenes I wonder what the password is?
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