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  1. Yep no problem! And thanks for adding me on flickr too hah! I love all your shots too I will comment some too for you. I have a lot more I want to add on flickr but does flickr technically own your photos once you put them up like facebook? Because I always wondered if I should put like a copyright watermark on them or not.

  2. I'm good, looking forward to the BDO on Sunday.

    Are you going? Hope the photography has been going well.

    Heard the Presets are gonna do a new album soon....

  3. thankyou! means a lot that you came all the way in here to tell me! ANd i saw you added me on flickr too :) Im loving a few of your shots - will go and comment in the next week or so!

  4. I keep forgetting to come on here haha time just.... left! :(

    Be popping in and out now and then now - bookmark on my browser to remind me!


    How are you love?

  5. Hi Maccah,

    I saw some of your photographs on one of the message boards and on flickr and I just wanted to say that you are an amazing photographer!


  6. Where have you gone?

  7. Happy Birthday! :awesome:!

  8. thannnkyou!

  9. happy birthday!

  10. Yeah i loved the show, great atmosphere and energy. Gives me the itch to go to all the shows I can now. Might see ya around.

  11. Oh thanks gorgeous!! <3 Yeah was a really really awesome presets gig, honestly thought it was going to be your average gig, but they took most of their songs and remastered them, was freaking WICKED! :D

    Did you enjjjjoy? :D

  12. Hey Maccah saw your Presets Photos on Faster Louder. Fantastic as usual. I saw you take some crowd shots on the night. And what a night it was.

  13. Never! I just saw it and was like.. i've seen that photo before... :D and it was an AWESOME gig!

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