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  2. Hey, you totally beat this month on the quiz but I will get you yet! :p

    I'm glad some people still play! :)

  3. I was given wrong directions by the first person I asked, then when I got back to the riverside area, I saw 'O2' written on the side of a building on the opposite side of the river, walked over there to find out that it was the O2 office, not the Arena (and could now see the Arena, which was about 5 mins down the road from where I had originally seen the 'O2' sign ), seeing a bridge further down from where I was, I continued walking only to find that there was another river in the way and thus had to backtrack the entire way I had just come!
  4. Are you guys literally just going for the gig? I would do this, but only with exploration time included (I dont see the point in travelling abroad for gigs unless you get to spend some time outside the airport/queue )
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