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  1. Yup Exo-Politics is still (after all that time, six months of BHR listening + One Year And A Half of BB) my fave track out of the whole BHR era . Hell even my fave muse song ever right now
  2. Up Another view from the last Exo-Politics ever played
  3. Where are they selling them ? In the arena ? Damn I need them as a proper zeta myself Here is for u and any zeta lover in the world Absolutely Marvellous !
  4. Rejoice my fellow Zetas , here a new vid to enjoy (coming from the very safe country of France )
  5. A tremendous vid with the album version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOMQeeVW-Ho Absolutely perfect
  6. For the recording thanks we already knew it but u took the time to put it in here Was personnally disappointed with this performance of the song , not enough passion on it and damn too slow . As for your own performance it s cool but there are some many exo politics guitar covers on u tube i m tired of them now (would prefer one with a full band )
  7. FINALLY THE BAND DID JUSTICE TO THIS BEAUTY Here s a great moment of it thanks to the adorable Stephie from Dublin http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b400/purplette/?action=view&current=MOV01106.flv
  8. Now it s obvious as three dates have been played in the european fall tour : Why is the band totally ignoring this awesome song ? does anyone here has a single clue about it ? I m really wondering if I should ask Tom K directly for this omission
  9. 15 Days before getting the sign and the truth
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