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  1. Yeah absolutely. I enjoyed mine when I had it.
  2. I do vaguely recall. Who's this Bs character? It isn't the late great bs of team1337 fame ..
  3. Enjoying that you are showing some FF love. How is this thread nearly a decade old?
  4. I heard you like halo

  5. I had this combo in a dodgy self build mattocaster about 15 years ago I wired the motherbucker coils up in series iirc, and then just had a 3 way switch (as the black Manson appeared to) to select it and the hot p90 The output on the MB was unbelievable but it definitely did the whole OoS thing, especially if you have some sort of Marshall & a fuzz factory. There are lots of options for the MB but I don't recall any info about Matt using it in any complicated manner other than max output as I'm describing.
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