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  1. i know! whats up with that!

    im alright thanks, still slightly pissed off, but i'll get over it :)

    how are you??

  2. YO!

    nah i wont forget, not after the last party :p

    Merry CHRIStmas! see you soon, i'll bring my moon buggy, i pimped it!

  3. nah Debenhams, they were very mean to me.

  4. i guess maybe, lost my job though, i hated it anyway.


  5. its about a little girl's overactive imgination in brief. i've bee ill quite a lot :(

    what about you?

  6. alright, just finished doing a short film down in Cambridge :)


  7. Nikkie. But you can call me Nix of Nik if you like :)

  8. haha Falling Down and Dead Star :p hell yea

    i know, it will be incredible i want that 15 minute long instrumental XD

  9. i ment genre but ok :) kool

    i had a dream a few weeks ago that muse had a new song called falling star, it was bloody brilliant!

  10. never mind ;)

    we're just wanting to make our Name legal thats all.

    what kind of movies do you make?

  11. we have a small group we have too many ideas and we have so many productions at the moment, we have an unoficial name but we're trying to make it legal but havent really got round to it, we're too busy. what did you use?

  12. hey its a start, use whatever your used to, we just got a new cam and 2 new pieces of editing software. i love directing but it can be stressful at times cos the actors arent inside your head and its not their fault but its SO much fun and dont you just love the feeling of a finished product...

  13. direct/edit/camera i love editing i find it so relaxing and satisfying. go for it, we need to wipe hollywood out, haha. what do you do?

  14. awesome :D

    might see you around then :p

    we're pretty busy at the min we need more time GAH

    how are you?

  15. yarp. i maketh films :)

    muse rock woop!

  16. im great thanx :) i want more muse though! :p

  17. eeeeeeep helloooo!

    how are you??

  18. me? LEAVE?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA naaaaah

    im still around :p im more of a reader than a poster :p

  19. yey thank youuu :)

    how are you?

  20. im good thanx, sorry i havent replied lately i have been busy at work. booo.

    been upto much?

  21. heya! how are you?

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