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    We Are Scientists
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    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless mind,
    The Good The Bad The Weird,
    Burn After Reading,
    Night watch,
    Day watch,
    Fight Club,
    A Bittersweet Life,
    This Is England,
    A Room For Romeo Brass,
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    The Machinist,
    A Scanner Darkly,
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    Children Of Men,
    Requiem For A Dream,
    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter And Spring,
    Science Of Sleep,
    Batman Begins,
    I'm a Cyborg but that's okay,
    The prestige,
    There will be Blood,
    3:10 To Yuma,
    Kiss kiss Bang Bang,
    Little Miss Sunshine,
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    Lady Vengeance,
    Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance,
    21 Grams
    and MORE!
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    Family Guy
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    Hullabaloo DVD
    H.A.A.R.P DVD
    Absolution Tour DVD
    Absolution CD
    Origin Of Symmetry CD
    Blackholes & Revelations CD
    Showbiz CD
    Unintended Vinyl
    Sing For Absolution Promo CD thing
    Absolution Promo CD thing
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    Wembley Arena - 23/11/06
    Wembley Stadium - 16/06/07
    Wembley Stadium - 17/06/07
    Parc Des Princes - 23/06/07
    Royal Albert Hall - 12/04/08
    Marlay Park - 14/08/08
    V Fest part one (Chelms) - 16/08/08
    V Fest part two (Staffs) - 17/08/08
  1. Hey, if you're not too busy could you check out our latest short and leave feedback? :)

    Also become a fan on Facebook (If you have it! xD) - Paper Twin Productions.


  2. Ah nice one, I would have got one of those but my friend already used those points up :/ I'm booking my flight soon, there's two airports though and I have to link up with a friend so it's going to be a bit more complicated..

  3. A friend of mine has used a load of points she gets through work to pay for a room at the Holiday Inn :-) So I have a free hotel room. Only one night, but it'll do. Two parts of the puzzle sorted...just the flight to sort now!

  4. Yay nice one!


    Erm I'm staying at this place called Accursio, it's not too bad when I booked it, there was some sale on laterooms.com. I'm not sure if it's still on or not but it was 70 Euros a night for a two person room. It's also pay on check in so you don't have to worry about paying until you go :)

  5. I hadn't, but he PM'd me as well as posting it on MuseBay. I just got myself a standing ticket for £45 inc postage, not bad I thought! :-)


    Where are people staying that's cheap?

  6. If you haven't seen already, someone has two spare standing tickets tickets to Milan. Just check the thread :)

  7. How the hell did you get it then? I was checking every hour and it wasn't there till just after mid day on the store for me. Anyway it takes ages to get a game, it's best if you party up with people. DM is okay, species DM would definitely be better.


    Ah, tell me what Yakuza is like, I was unsure if I should get that or not. Getting Heavy Rain, been looking forward to that one for ages.


    Yeah I do, I'll add it to my love-film list!

  8. Well I downloaded the AVP demo around 1AM this morning but couldn't join any games. I've just woken up so I'll give it another go I guess. The demo is DM only unfortunately. Pretty stupid idea when everyone who played the old games knows that Marines VS Aliens VS Predators is the best mode.


    I'm picking up God of War 3, Yakuza 3, FF XIII and Heavy Rain on PS3 in the next couple of months. Was gonna get MAG but the beta wasn't so good.


    Anyway, you like Asian cinema. Have you seen Love Exposure? It's 4 hours long and the premise sounds kind of weird but it's really amazing. At least rent it and see if you like it.

  9. That's lame, people quitting at the start of games is very annoying. Quite a few people do it on MW2, especially when they're getting their asses whooped.


    Any other PS3 online games you getting?


    I might pick up AVP other than that I'm probably only buying Heavy Rain. Will rent a few other online games but most of them don't seem worthy of a purchase, to me anyway.

    June is packed full of loads of great games though! Kane And Lynch 2 better have online co-op!

  10. UC2 didn't really have much lasting appeal in the end anyway. Not enough co-op stuff and people quitting at the start of games bugged me too much to keep playing it.

  11. Ah I see, I think BC will be one of the games I actually buy and keep on playing. So hopefully by the time you get it we can have a few games.


    I only sold Uncharted 2 because I couldn't afford MW2, so I had to trade it in!

  12. I'm probably getting it on PC for the increased player limit (32 instead of 24). I really enjoyed it on the PS3 though so maybe I'll pick that version up once the price drops. You would have moved on by then though anyway :p

  13. Hey man you getting Bad Company on PS3 or PC? Or both :p?

  14. Ah well just wait and see what the whole album is like!


    I know :/ it's number six now. It's "Dan - 02/11/08" and the thumb nail is the girl with the box!

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