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    We Are Scientists
    Shy Child
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    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless mind,
    The Good The Bad The Weird,
    Burn After Reading,
    Night watch,
    Day watch,
    Fight Club,
    A Bittersweet Life,
    This Is England,
    A Room For Romeo Brass,
    Funny Games,
    Pans Labyrinth,
    28 Days Later,
    The Dark Knight,
    Crying Fist,
    Hot Fuzz,
    The Machinist,
    A Scanner Darkly,
    The Host,
    The Bothersome Man,
    Children Of Men,
    Requiem For A Dream,
    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter And Spring,
    Science Of Sleep,
    Batman Begins,
    I'm a Cyborg but that's okay,
    The prestige,
    There will be Blood,
    3:10 To Yuma,
    Kiss kiss Bang Bang,
    Little Miss Sunshine,
    The Chaser,
    Lady Vengeance,
    Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance,
    21 Grams
    and MORE!
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    Family Guy
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    Hullabaloo DVD
    H.A.A.R.P DVD
    Absolution Tour DVD
    Absolution CD
    Origin Of Symmetry CD
    Blackholes & Revelations CD
    Showbiz CD
    Unintended Vinyl
    Sing For Absolution Promo CD thing
    Absolution Promo CD thing
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending

    Wembley Arena - 23/11/06
    Wembley Stadium - 16/06/07
    Wembley Stadium - 17/06/07
    Parc Des Princes - 23/06/07
    Royal Albert Hall - 12/04/08
    Marlay Park - 14/08/08
    V Fest part one (Chelms) - 16/08/08
    V Fest part two (Staffs) - 17/08/08
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    Also become a fan on Facebook (If you have it! xD) - Paper Twin Productions.


  2. True but with them they seem too fixated on making a perfect theatrical show which limits the set. They didn't have the pillars in Asia, which is why they mixed it up more, even though having the pillars shouldn't be an excuse. I'm guessing they're going to do a new stage set up for the stadium shows?
  3. Oh I see, well I guess I was in one of the lively pockets of people then. As long as the people around me are jumping it's not so bad, if it was just me then it'd be a bit weird. A couple spent the whole gig kissing?
  4. As long as Plug in Baby, Knights and songs like that don't break the top 5 I don't mind too much. I'd just like some rare songs! Would love to see Showbiz make the top 5 too. Good to see Assassin and Fury up there
  5. Top five for Wembley (10th) So far (Pretty good so far!) Citizen Erased 8% (712 votes) Bliss 5% (509 votes) Hyper Music 4% (363 votes) Showbiz 4% (357 votes) Fury 3% (324 votes) If they included all 5 it'd be awesome, something like this would be a brilliant: Uprising + Live outro Interlude + Hysteria + Back in Black outro Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Fury Resistance Showbiz Citizen Erased Take a Bow intro + United States of Eurasia Feeling Good New Born Helsinki Jam + Undisclosed Desires Starlight Stockholm Syndrome Hyper Music Unnatural Selection Encore 1 Exogenesis 1-3 (I'm assuming this will be played at most shows (even it if doesn't win the polls) as the muselive news suggested they have plans to play it) Encore 2 MK Ultra Time Is Running Out Popcorn + Bliss Encore 3 Plug in Baby Knights of Cydonia (Harmonica version)
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