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  1. I'm thankful that they released the DVD in the U.S. just in time for Xma....erm, wait. Yeaaaa. Nvm then.
  2. The Matt drawing is pretty sweet. Great Job. As far as your question back at the Falling Away With You thread, Gocanux, I haven't been around cause of school school school! Fun times ...wanna trade places?
  3. It is a crime to do that!!! Well, when I can't tag along :'(
  4. I knew it! I also heard that his mother was his partner in crime during all the illegal activities! Beware!
  5. Lucky gal. I don't see a solution to my Muse withdrawal unless they ADD A SHOW IN LOS ANGELES *HINT HINT MUSE PEOPLE*
  6. Well I had the chance to make them up on the condition that I didn't miss anymore classes for those specific courses. What can I say? I was an idiot for a month. I was suffering from Muse withdrawal! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
  7. What she said^^^ She be one verrie smiirt gal
  8. Are you insane yourself? 4 days? Well I guess 4 wouldn't seem so bad if I hadn't missed 2 days last week and they sure wouldn't seem so bad if I didn't blow of my mid-terms a few weeks back but I did so unless I want to fail I can't miss anymore! Sucks to be me. Hopefully they suprise me and add an L.A. show. I will pray for your well being each and every single day you're locked inside that car with those maniacs.
  9. As your road buddy may inform you later, I know everything for i am the wise Priest.
  10. You are indeed quite insane! Did you not know that gocanux's son and hunnytoadbee are mad lunatics with prison records?! No you did not. As tempting as it sounds to go on a road trip with you lunatics....and my God is it tempting school calls. Damn this country and their higher education.
  11. Hahahaha. I'll be happy with a corner and a flashlight. I see you're going to see Muse once again. I can't help but be jealous. Wish they would have made an L.A. show again *le sigh*
  12. I've fallen from the Great Heavens to be with you fine people once again. As far as knowing whether you have it or not....well, the lighting was bad in that corner at Wiltern....so I really couldn't explore...well,with my eyes
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