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    my current artwork has been combing imagery inductive of sex and death. As the two principle human drives, by combining these two emotionally polar characteristics I have attempted to make powerful, work be engaging repressed thought.
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  1. Look BOD i'm on the board! Only because I needed something though. I have loads of work to do but i'm finding it hard to do anything.
  2. Thank you. I think i'll use that as a direct quote from Matt
  3. Actually on second thoughts that guy looks more like a Michael or an Ian/keith.
  4. I don't know who he is I was just being humourous. I bet his name is Dave though. I doubt anyone will know who he is unless they have met him. I think the bit everyone is talking about is just before or just after that bit you posted. Although im not sure. What I do know is is that the screen is black and matt says When faced with total blackness you are presented with yourself
  5. Ahh thats Dave. Anyway. Whos a cock?
  6. That audio you put up wasn't from the right bit. Thanks anyway.
  7. Im sure its fine, im sure no one will file a law suit against you even if it is copyright. Besides you tube does it all the time. If it does turn out to be his own thoughts can anyone with a knowledge of philosophy point me in the direction of some appropriate writings. Im trying to write my artist manifesto.
  8. Hmmm sounds familliar. Though I am pretty sure he says something like: Like Joe Bloggs says, when faced with......ect or something to that effect. Are you sure it was one the weakest link. I seem to remeber there being no shot of him saying it, there is just darkness. I could be wrong it has been a while since i've seen it.
  9. Hello, I need some help from all you Muse fans. On the hullabaloo dvd - the second disc - Matt comments that When faced with blackness one has no choice but to look inward and I do believe he mentions a name, possibly of the philosophers writing from which he took the idea from. Any idea of the name? I think that it comes after the segment where they all jump on Tom (who is behind the camera) and trash the set at the end of a show. If anyone could find out for me it would be very helpful. Ive lost my hullabaloo dvd. Thank you. Ben
  10. Well The Sugamil is right next to Liquid. Its a small purple building. Sachimos is up some street near the main enterance to the potteries shoping center, where some of the banks are (sorry I am crap at directions) Well I have lived all my life in Stoke. At the moment its the easter break and everyone from uni has gone home for the holidays so its a bit dead here at the moment.
  11. Find any of them? Did you have a good time?
  12. Haha. Yeah no one goes creation any more. There is sachimos (i probably spelt that wrong) They play Indy music. Again not really my thing but much better than Liquid. There is the sugamil in hanley. Lots of bands play there. not really big bands but sometimes you get them. Keane and Razorlight have played there as have my mates band No-logo.
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