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  1. You haven't heard Can't take my eyes off you????? Here Dude, Live to the full, click this link I have espesh for you! (Or, if u can, right-click and go to save target as and save it on ur comp!) Can't take my eyes off you - muse mp3 It'll open in Win Media Player, it's an Mp3 file (See i'm so nice! ) Well that's my days good deed, fair thee well!!!!
  2. The first few times i was listenin to "Overdue" i thought the chorus was: "You're so Sordid, You're so Sordid... Burns backside of meee... You're so Sordid..." I remember sayin out loud "Thats a bit risqué for Muse!!! I think i must have the wrong disc..." Oh and I also thought the lyrics to Darkshines were: "Darkshines Bringin me Down, Making my Arse feel sore, Cos its gooood!" Ummm... Yeah... I think I may need to have my ears checked...
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