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  1. I'm not going, but this seems a bit excessive.. and the band would probably have opinions.. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/06/11/download_festival_big_brother_playground_leicestershire_police/
  2. I do think it's odd that this show so far hasn't been communicated to anyone via email, this board, etc - and casual local radio listeners from all across Europe are likely to have more info..! Considering it said this on the Swedish comp: "...That day Muse gives a super exclusive concert in Cologne for their biggest fans." Not that I'm precious Definitely glued to Absolute radio for the next few days though... when I'm not at work!
  3. I'll agree with everyone else on here in that it wasn't my favourite gig... but every outdoor stage should have a hill - amazing view. The crowd didn't know any of the songs, even tiro didn't get a big response. And from where I was (in front of Matt a few metres back) it was completely silent whenever matt stopped singing for the crowd to carry on. I really can't sing but that just made me do it even louder. To all of the songs. On my own. I was also one of the only ones jumping that I could see, until knights when a few joined in. Overall though, it was good to hear the new ones live again. And bliss was a treat, however weird it sounded... Also the screens at the sides of the stage showed the editor window at one point, like a photoshop toolbox or something.. didn't get a good look.. wtf.
  4. No but I heard a crazy Muse fan win some on the way home yesterday - woohoo. Hearing Invincible on the radio was a bit of a shock... Got some in the general sale (living in East Anglia sometimes has perks it turns out..). Weren't going to bother but glad we did now.... In other news related to Big Weekend - the owners of the little cafe in Earlham Park were told they would have to close during the weekend due to "safety" reasons... pah They've since been allowed to open due to a petition, yay
  5. Think I was stood behind you! We spent ages trying to figure out what the hell you were doing
  6. My tickets have now gone! Have fun everyone
  7. To let everyone know - I spoke to TM just now and you need like full card PAN, billing address, email address etc for the other person before you call. Just in case anyone was trying to do the same thing.
  8. Thanks - just responded so hopefully we can sort it
  9. I just posted 2 tickets for this in MuseBay - we'd need to try and do that Ticketmaster swap thingy though because of the ID restrictions. Others have already done it so hopefully it's pretty simple! There's no way I'm getting to Exeter on Friday now - it's just not gonna work I am still going to Manchester though :D:D
  10. Definitely, just like Blur did with their smaller shows last year. You could buy up to 2 or 4 per person I think, but had to enter with that person and their valid ID (there were clauses as to if that person couldn't attend etc, you could cancel tickets and get a refund). This worked wonders, tickets still sold out but it took a couple of days and no fans I knew missed out.
  11. Yeah, I get the floor seating vs GA thing, but I selected concert on the MSG site and I don't understand how they can shift around whole tiers of the arena and have a completely different block system? I hope the MSG website is correct (I would assume it is!) 'cos my seats would be a little better, haha.
  12. How come the seating plan on Ticketmaster is so different from the seating plan on the MSG website? http://www.thegarden.com/seating.html
  13. Ah mine aren't 207, they're 227 -still, not too bad! I just had a look again and promenade 200 seats are coming up
  14. Well, I managed to get Promenade 100 seats about 5 minutes ago, so keep trying if you want some as it looks like people still have some in their baskets which will time out.. I think I'm in 207, not the best seats but not the worst. Obviously would have liked GA but apparently we're not allowed those??!? And i'm just sick of this whole melee now, this is supposed to be a surprise for my boyfriend and it's turning into a nightmare, wtf is going on with these dates... edit: also there may be a second date, but not a third as there is a game scheduled at MSG for the 17th I think? But I don't want to go through this ticket hell again anyway, haha.
  15. Showoff.. I just saw someone else online say they'd just bought MSG tickets too.. I don't know how you people are doing it, I haven't seen any so far! edit: with the exception of VIP of course, but I am a mere mortal who can't afford that..
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