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  1. Muse collector here 😉 I have absolutely no idea what double single you're referring to. In Germany, only one "FG / HM" is known, and as ar as I can say, it' a 5-track CD. Could you provide a catalog number and maybe pictures of front inlay, back insert and CDs ? Are you sure it's a German release (Motor Universal) ?
  2. Oh, so sorry to hear that... It was such a pleasure to read your posts, I come here everyday to see what's new... Anyway enjoy whatever you're going to do until 2021. Looking forward seeing this thread living again. Best wishes.
  3. Like these ? (Not mine of course, they are by Hans-Peter Van Velthoven)
  4. OOMuse is on presale on a French marketplace : https://www.fnac.com/a13795597/Muse-Origin-Of-Muse-Coffret-Collector-CD-album?fbclid=IwAR09msT2uygesOGpfhbp5qCW4-MqfkzUYFCaOHttZNzNMaibxaEpBnDZDIM#omnsearchpos=7 Release on the 6th of December 😊😊
  5. Nunki


    It was an actual B-side : released on the Resistance vinyl 😉
  6. Interested Do you have a list or pictures ? Thanks
  7. Special Muse weekend on OUI FM : a Muse song every half an hour. One old and one of Drones, with small parts of interview. Today I've heard : Sunburn, The Globalist, Falling Down , Aftermath, Sing for Absolution, The Handler, Bliss, Reapers, PiB, Defector and right now MM acoustic session from July 1999
  8. Hi there, Not sure if it's allowed. If not please forgive me Please may I be the keeper of the flock of sheep Matt painted on the War Child guitar ? Thanks in advance
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