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  1. This one is from Twitter Muse group: “Since my delivery method for my ticket was will call, I first picked up my ticket from the box office before looking for the VIP line. I checked in with the staff, and they gave me the lunchbox with the poster inside along with a bracelet that indicated I was VIP and General Admission. Then I waited in line until they allowed us inside the arena for early merch shopping. After shopping, they had us wait before entering the floor until the doors opened to the public. Although there were a couple of people in front of me, I was able to make it to the barricade and the very end of the walkway! I hope this info helped!“ Sounds pretty good to me
  2. Email from CID “Thank you for reaching out to us! As fans ourselves, we completely empathize with wanting to be as close to the stage as possible, and with this understanding in mind, we put a high emphasis on providing the entry before door time to our VIPs, as well as providing the dedicated entrance to further limit queuing time for the folks participating in our packages. While we do not oversee any guests that purchased standard show tickets (as opposed to VIP), we can assure you that we will continue to provide our guests with early and efficient access to the floor. If you need anything more, please don’t hesitate to let us know.“
  3. I have sent an email to CID , waiting for explanation 😕
  4. I bought enhanced experience in Cracow and Early entrance in Prague and Rome . Im so confused and frustrated , i was saving money all previous year for this tour
  5. Hi , anyone with early acces ticket in Houston? how have it looked ? i have read on reddit there were some issues and early acces was a fiction. Is that true ?
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