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Muse hits the Ford Center in OKC Oct. 8


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Includes interview with Chris. Nothing we haven't heard before, but I always like to hear this:

“I think the three of us know each other so well,” Wolstenholme said. “Being in a band is kind of like a marriage, and in a marriage you have to be able to fall out and you have to be able to argue, but you kiss and make up again, you know? It’s much more difficult to do that with people that you don’t know so well. If you fall out, you walk out and that’s it.


“So I think in a sense being friends and that history between us is something that’s very, very important to the band. I mean all three of us are very, very different people. We all have our own interests outside of the band. But I think that’s something that makes this band quite special, the fact that we are basically a school band.”

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